Monday, July 2, 2012

New July

Today was a better day.  Yesterday ended with tears from a birthday party gone bad.  I woke up and told the kids we are going to conquer today, and we did:)
We mailed off hopefully(and a little sadly) our last mortgage payment for our house in Lakeland.  We should be closing on the 18th!
 Caleb started a parent/tot swim class and he, um, hated it.  The class was 30 minutes long and he screamed for 29 minutes and 30 seconds of it:)  I really think he was cold, we are going to give it one more try tomorrow.
  Caleb was hanging on Savvy and she said "he is calling me mommy", we figured out it wasn't "mommy" it was "more" (tootsie pop) and sweet girl is a great big sister
 I really like Savvy and Cohen's relationship.  In the future I think it is going to be really hard on Michael and I but right it is very manageable.  But they literally encourage each other to do mischievous things.  When one comes up with an idea the other will always take it one step further...
 I was cleaning the kitchen when Michael said what is cohen doing with the lights?  And I have no idea what was going on and thinking about it now I didn't even ask them.  But those are christmas lights tied to the tree and the back of Cohens bike...Lord help us and keep us

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  1. Hahahaha! The christmas lights made me laugh out loud! :D Miss you guys! So glad you're blogging!!!