Sunday, June 23, 2013


Michael, Mimi and the older kids went camping on Friday night.  I was excited to have some alone time with Norah but I did miss them like crazy.

Free spirits

              He is so not potty trained but likes to act like he is....poser :)
 Michael and the boys slept in the tent.  Becky and Savvy were in the land cruiser.  Michael said he woke up in the middle of the night and heard something walking around, then an Elk bugle.  No one else woke up thank goodness, I think they would have been heading home :)

                            I have no idea how to caption this next picture


Mimi came and stayed with us for 12 days!  We kept her very busy:)  It was Savvy's last week of school and it was jam-packed, but we still squeezed in some quality game time
On Monday her class had a celebration.  They sang and had cookies
They also said what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Savvy said an artist and elf.  That is her to a T and I'm just so proud.  I cried, I also cried when they sang the pledge of allegiance :)
On Tuesday she had field day.  Everyone was outside and I found their class but couldn't find Savvy.  I found her teacher and after about 2 minutes we both got in panic mode because we couldn't find her.  She went and got the principal and he told us she was in the nurses office.  She had a nose bleed.  It scared me so bad, not the nose but not finding her.  All was well and the nose bleed wasn't stoping her from joining back in on the fun
On Wednesday was the school assembly and she won a Character trait award
We went to church for the first time with Norah.  We all left dressed, I even had on make-up but did have wet hair
Blue palm is one of the kids most favorite places.  It is frozen yogurt and you choose endless toppings.  Norah must have been mad that she didn't get any... thats not yogurt

                                      Norah had her first trip to wal-mart
We went to the Lavender Fields.  Savvy and Cohen cut flowers and lavender and Caleb drank at least 6 cups of lavender lemonade.  I love this place

Monday, June 17, 2013

This and That

The kids had fun with side walk paint but somehow a lot of it ended up on them

 She's already starting to work her magic on him.  She really is such a good baby.  Still not taking a paci and has her fussy times where we have to walk her around but has yet to do it at night.  She wakes up twice but goes straight back to sleep.  But when this little princess gets MAD she screams like a pterodactyl or eagle, mostly its in the car, she HATES the car
                                    One month picture
 We took the boys to get their summer haircuts.  When the woman called back Cohen she asked me in-front of him "is this a girl or a boy".  Luckily Cohen wasn't paying attention and didn't hear, but come on, whats wrong with people!  I did call her a curse word... in my head ;)

 Norah was sleeping and the kids were coloring... this is a very rare quiet moment in the Clay house

              Brothers!  I love them so much.  I pray so hard that they will be best friends

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dad and Grammy

Round 3 of visitors!  I love it and want them to keep on coming :)
 Dad and Sandy got in Saturday night and stayed until Friday.  The kids were spoiled rotten and loved every minute :)

  On Memorial day we all went for a drive and picnic.  Our goal was to see snow or as Caleb puts it "snowman".  It was a beautiful day, the kids found snow and Norah slept

 Norah started getting fussy at night.  I feel like if we could get her to take a paci things would be much better.  But she  I'm going to keep on trying, but man is she cute

 Baby girl has slept in our bed every single night :)  I can't cut the umbilical cord
 My Cohen graduated from Preschool.  Him and Savannah both had the same teachers, Mrs. Middleton and Mrs. Kraulman, and hands down 2 of the best preschool teachers in the history of preschool.  This first picture is on Cohen's first day in September
                                            And here he is in May
We had cupcakes after his graduation.  Don't know how Caleb talked Grammy into feeding him :)  I bet it is his smile
Congratulations my sweet boy, we are so proud of you
Dad and Sandy left us with a clean house, full bellies and feeling loved

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 2

We are still rocking and rolling :)  Norah is eating and sleeping great.  She sleeps in bed with us and gets up several times but goes straight back to sleep.  The kids continue to kiss all over her and ask to hold her anytime there is a chance.

This was our first morning by ourselves and we made it out the door on time and everyone had on pants.... score!

Michael and Jeremy took the kids to the Umatilla River and Norah and I stayed home and watched Twilight (true story)

Drew came in on Friday and kept the kids entertained, he is such an amazing bother, uncle and friend

                                                  Caleb adores Savvy

Savvy rocked her to sleep.  I always wanted a sister and I can't take how much love I feel watching them together.  Savvy is a really, really, really good big sister
Caleb has still been doing good not being the baby anymore.  He does request more hugs and to be rocked and he pretends to cry by saying "wha wha"