Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 2

We are still rocking and rolling :)  Norah is eating and sleeping great.  She sleeps in bed with us and gets up several times but goes straight back to sleep.  The kids continue to kiss all over her and ask to hold her anytime there is a chance.

This was our first morning by ourselves and we made it out the door on time and everyone had on pants.... score!

Michael and Jeremy took the kids to the Umatilla River and Norah and I stayed home and watched Twilight (true story)

Drew came in on Friday and kept the kids entertained, he is such an amazing bother, uncle and friend

                                                  Caleb adores Savvy

Savvy rocked her to sleep.  I always wanted a sister and I can't take how much love I feel watching them together.  Savvy is a really, really, really good big sister
Caleb has still been doing good not being the baby anymore.  He does request more hugs and to be rocked and he pretends to cry by saying "wha wha"

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