Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 1

Week one with Norah was nothing short of amazing.  Mom flew in Wednesday night and after meeting Norah stayed with the older children so Michael could stay at the hospital with me.  We stayed until Friday then headed home
                           We have some pretty proud older siblings

 C.J. stayed with us for 10 days.  She was wonderful and I'm sure was exhausted at the end of her trip.  She had a friend text her one day and asked what she was doing.  Her text back was something like this "Got the kids up and ready for school, made breakfast, dropped the kids off at school, Caleb and I went to the grocery store, started a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, picked up Cohen, made lunch, just got Caleb down for a nap, about to go pick up Savvy from school.  I'm taking her to piano and Michael is taking Cohen to T-ball tonight"  It made us all laugh.  She took on my roll and let me rest and nurse and love on the older kids and hold Norah ALL.THE.TIME.  It was bliss  
 Norah lost 10% of her weight while we were in the hospital so we went to get a weigh in at the pediatricians office on Saturday.  She is fine and had gained an ounce since we left Friday afternoon

                                           Pure love
                                    C.J. made some pretty cool sandwiches :)
Milk comma and a smile.  She smiles so much in her sleep, she even has started laughing when she's sleeping.  I would love to know what she's dreaming about

 She had newborn pics taken and was naked the whole time.  She pooped on me 4 times, peed twice, and pooped in my hair once.  It was a success
Cohen had muffins with mom.  They asked him what his favorite meal is that I cook and he said "chicken on a bone".  Side note:  It's hot wings and I have never made him hot wings, Michael cooks them.  He then was asked how I cook them, he said "Mom gets the chicken and hands it to daddy"
I love him

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