Saturday, May 28, 2016

Caleb's Registered

We registered Caleb for Kindergarten!!!  I've been super weepy about this whole process (surprise, surprise).  We got to see his hallway, they gave him a shirt and a sign to put in our yard.  He was so proud and excited.  When they gave us the sign they told everyone to e-mail a picture of your family to the principle
Several weeks later a friend from church came in with this clipping!!  We have laughed and laughed.  The school laminated it and put it up in the front hallway.  The kids are convinced they are famous

Momma's time out

I've been able to have a good bit of adult time lately...  AND its fantastic;)  We went and saw Billy Joel and it was good, definitely not my favorite concert but still fun.  He lost me when he told everyone that he had a lover in Memphis once and she called him her New York treat…. eeww and gross...
I had a friend get married and she had a photo booth set up and we had way WAY too much fun with it, this by far was my favorite
Michael and I both got a some kind of fever virus but how precious is Indie.  I love her so much, she doesn't care if I'm contagious.  I think Savvy avoided me for 2 days, she is terrified of getting sick :)  But how funny is it that when I realized I had a fever I did an internal high 5 because I knew I was totally justified to lay in bed all day
I went on a woman's retreat with our church for the weekend.  We slept and laughed and ate it was wonderful

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Big Hill Pond

We went camping with one of our favorite families to Big Hill Pond.  We stayed 2 nights and hiked 2 trails.  On Saturday most everyone got ticks on the trail… Michael had over 20 on him when we got home…   Cohen saw a snake and buddy does NOT like snakes.  He ran to me screaming "mommy save me"  

Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring Break

On St. Patricks day the kids built an amazing leprechaun trap.  There was glue and glitter and gold and flashlights and peanut butter crackers… it was intense.  They didn't catch him but came close (after everyone went to bed Savvy came to our room and asked if she could make it look like he came). 
 Over Spring break we went to Jessicas and got to spend a couple of days with her golden doodle puppies.  The kids were in heaven.  The older 3 had their favorites and Norah just loves anything that is small and breathes.  It was so precious and I was slightly tempted to get one… slightly.  When we were leaving Savvy had tears in her eyes and they all still ask about them

Friday, May 6, 2016


                                            Easter festivities were a hit

After the Easter egg hunt at mom and MA's church we were walking back to the car and I saw 2 kids running out to the field where the eggs were and later found out that they thought it started 30 minutes later than it actually started.  I heard Savvy yell "Cohen come here, they didn't get any eggs".  They ran up to them and gave them half of their eggs.  I was a mess… I found Michael and tried to tell him what happened but it was making me all weepy.  On the way home I told mom and MA and started crying again.  I was just so incredibly proud of them… and they did it all on their own, no prompting from adults.  They saw 2 kids hurt and chose to be kind… It still overwhelms me, they inspire me. I hope I can see the hurt and help like they did.

               Cue "everyone laugh and look at each other"…. true story  ;)
                             and this is the best we could do with 13 cousins
Mom can win everything these days!  She was drawn in a raffle at work and won amazing seats to a Grizzlies game.  Look at the guy photo bombing us… we had no idea until someone pointed it out ;)

Rainy Days

We have had SO much rain this spring.  After days of being cooped in we were desperate to play outside, rain or not

 I love being outside and working in the yard and this year has been exciting because we planted so much last year.  Most everything has made it and is doing good… and our earthworms, they are huge :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Our Circus

Caleb was way over due for a haircut… now I love it, but he was ready for it to be cut

 We were all going outside to play and Norah ran out like this :)  I asked "Norah where are your pants?"  And she smiled and said "oops"
And Caleb has been known to forget his pants as well
      Sweet Cohen Aced a presentation about Alexander Graham Bell
 Norah, she might have the biggest imagination of us all.  She talks to herself, loves to pretend to be different animals, play momma, play baby, and when her and the boys play ninja she can play dead with the best of them
      He watched an entire movie cramped in his "home"