Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My sister-in-law and two of my friends went and saw the midnight showing of Eclipse last night!!!! It was so good and so so much fun. Here is our night in pictures!This is the invitation, it says "About three things I'm absolutely positive"Please pay CLOSE attention to how Edward has his arm wrapped to tightly around me!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Pics!

I went and saw the Dr. yesterday and we had the Ultrasound!!! Turkey is doing great and is measuring exactly on the due date. Michael and I had to look away several times to make sure we didn't catch a glimpse of the sex. Even though Michael would be the worst ultrasound tech ever. When we were looking at the spine he thought is looked just like a velociraptor.
Here are some pics of Savannah and Cohen when they were the same age. Who do you think turkey looks like?!?!?
I love this first pic, I'm guessing baby will love roller coasters!!profile of TurkeySavannah Cohen

Monday, June 14, 2010

Friday Quotes

Cohen was hitting the crepe myrtle, knocking off the blooms
Savannah "Cohen stop hitting that, God made it"

Cohen was "investigating" down there during bath time
Savannah "Cohen stop playing with that it's not a toy"

On our way to little Cesar's
Savannah "why are we going to get tweezers"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Round 2

First, Thank goodness Michael was home!

Savvy was climbing up on her toddler table, had one foot in a chair and the other on the table and lost her balance and fell face first. I saw it happening so was already running to pick her up. When I got to her she was crying but without making any noise, mouth wide open. After a few more seconds of no noise I looked at her and said breath, breath Savannah.....She passes out! Michael said he saw her little arm go limp, so he runs and calls 911, I start screaming, I'm hysterical. She was out for probably 5-10 seconds and woke up crying. Poor Cohen ran to time out screaming, I guess I scared him. By the time everything calmed down, I realized he was standing in the corner, balling.
I really think she knocked the breath out of her and then passed out from not breathing. The ambulance, fire truck and police show up and want to take her in just to be safe, she was scared but fine by this time. The ER Dr. was wonderful! And we were discharged with just a few bruises!

I'm praying for no more ambulance/ER visits this year!

Michael followed us to the ER and I asked her to smile so I could send a pic to daddy so he would know she was ok....look at those precious curls, we were supposed to have dress rehersal for dance.