Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sunset Symphony

This is the last year for the sunset symphony and they went out with a bang.  Michael and I both think it was the best firework show we have ever seen.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Schools Out!

Caleb loves pj's.  He will NOT sleep in pjs that don't match and is very particular about which ones he is going to wear for the night.  He came out this night with 6 different shirts on, he couldn't put his arms down
 We have been so incredibly blessed with great teachers.  We are all crazy in love with Savvy's teacher this year, she has to be one of the best in the nation… i'm totally convinced:)  Cohen (and me) is going to be heartbroken if he doesn't get her next year
 Cohen was in need of a haircut and I asked him what he wanted to do and he said "a rattail".  I said #1 no and #2 where have you even heard about rattails.  He told me about football players who had it, the main character on Treasure Planet and anakin skywalker.  Well I just dropped it and told Michael and some of our friends and those crazy adults talked me into it!    The next day I walked into the backyard to Michael setting up the barber shop in the grass.  When Michael was buzzing his hair he was telling Cohen how "creative he is" and how "brave he is"  totally pumping up his ego because of the rattail.  He loved it… all of his friends loved it… people who were teenagers in the 80's loved it… and I must admit I started to love it.  When he wanted to get fancy we would braid it… He kept it for 2 weeks then he went to stay the night with mom and M.A. and they HATED it!  They both told him they would give him $10 if he would cut it… they know Cohen and he wasn't going to pass up $20… and with that we said goodbye to the rattail

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sleepy Woes

Savvy and Norah have always shared a room.  About a month ago Norah was teething and had a hard time going to bed, yelling out in the middle of the night and waking up early.  Savvy had enough and asked to move into her own room (the playroom).  We let her and it left Norah heartbroken.  She now has to have the lamp on to go to sleep and it's taking her so much longer to go to settle down.  The first few nights she would say "sister" when I would put her to bed… it was just so sad!  Once the boys got wind of Savvy in the playroom everyone wants to sleep with her and she will occasionally wake up to Caleb in her bed :)  Everyone loves sister
 Mom gave Norah a bubble machine for her birthday and I gave Cohen fart bubbles from the beach.  We were outside one morning and I look over to find Cohen pouring ALL of his fart bubbles in the machine.  To our WONDER the fart bubbles are the best bubbles in the world.  They were colorful and tons of them.  Might not smell great but was pretty

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Grizz Playoff

We took Savvy to a Grizzles playoff game.  It was crazy, loud, we were in the nosebleed section and it was so much fun minus the very loud man sitting beside me who cussed every other word… seriously cussing at the refs will do nothing…NOTHING!  We lost and it knocked us out of the playoffs (I blamed the cussing man) but loved that we got to watch them play

Mother's Day

I got to go with Savvy on a field trip to the botanic gardens.  She is so much fun
 M.A., Mom and I took a weekend trip to the beach.  We were on the beach Saturday from 9 to 5, it was a hard days work ;)  We laughed and cried (they both would tell such sad stories) and laughed some more.  I'm crazy in love with these 2
 It looked like Michael and the kids had a lot of fun while I was away

 I got the most precious gifts from the kids for mothers day.  And what melted my heart was that they all mentioned that they love when I sing them their song.  Let me tell you I held them really close when I sang to them that night

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Norah's 2

 The precious baby girl is 2 and man our family is crazy about her.  She has the softest most tender voice when she talks and the loudest ear-piercing screech when she cries.  She loves babies, dolls, playing kitchen and playing with the water dispenser on the refrigerator.  She's a hugger and kisser…. she's our Norah Jane

 I'm going to try and get the kids to do an interview with me on their birthday's.  Norah was my guinea pig… :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Love and Getaways

Indie has bonded with everyone in the family and Caleb and her are best friends, I love watching them

 I got to spend a week in Florida with two of the best!  We had so much crazy fun, I don't think we went to bed before 1 the whole week and they would not get up before 10.  I did sleep in one morning till 9… whoop whoop
 Michael went with some friends to Blanchard Springs for a long weekend

Monday, June 1, 2015

Babies and Piano

She is Savvy's real life doll… and Norah loves it

                        We had a spontaneous crawfish boil with the Butlers
 For April's birthday we all went to the in-laws for lunch and Norah partied so hard :)
 They had their spring recital and both did great.  Savvy played the theme to Star Wars and Cohen did Little Flea :)
 Ok, I might be dragging my feet on letting her grow up.  For the last several months I've been putting her to sleep in her NEWBORN gown.  It's still comfy, just a little short and oh my she looks just adorable.  Then I threw in a paci for this picture.  Norah never would take one and I tried and tried.  I've kept this one (uncle blake and aunt elizabeth gave it to her) in her crib just because and now every-once in a while she will chew it.  She's my last baby and I might be having issues ;)