Saturday, January 31, 2015

Piano Recital

Savvy and Cohen started taking piano again this summer.  They both had to start from scratch because in Walla Walla they were taught using the Suzuki method, and our new teacher starts with learning to read music.  They both have done great and did wonderful at their recital

Cohen's video disappeared from my phone… no doubt that a little 1 year old probably deleted it.  I'm so sad but he did wonderful, he played two songs, "Beep Beep" and "Big Ben".


We loved being home for Thanksgiving :)  We spent the day with Michaels family then headed over to my aunts and got completely lost.  This is twice I've used my phone for directions and its taken me completely to the wrong part of town.  So we missed dad's :(  Then that Saturday we went to Arkansas for another round of turkey.
While we were at mom's we went for a drive and on a whim decided to visit the animal shelter.  It was an amazing place but still just heartbreaking to see all the dogs.  When we walked in all the dogs started barking and Cohen looked at me and said "they are all saying 'pick me, pick me'". While we were walking I saw this one dog just staring at me.  All the other dogs in the kennel were jumping and barking and she was in the middle of it just looking at me.  It was like when I put on my wedding dress and knew it was the one, one look at her and I knew.  24 hours later our family has grown by 4 paws, meet Indie

                        Caleb and Indie have taken 4 naps together on this couch
                                                    Norah loves to feed her

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Caleb is 4

We had a fun party planned for Caleb with his closest friends and family but our 3 week stomach bug did not let up for our baby boys birthday.  His party was on Saturday and when he got sick Friday, with a broken heart I called everyone canceling the party.  He still had a very fun day.  People brought over his presents all day long.  They would drop them off at the door then talk to the kids through the glass.  It was like we had the plague no one even wanted to risk breathing the same air as us, and I don't blame them one bit.
Caleb you are amazing.  I say you are my little bear made of fire and ice.  You tell me you love me and that I'm beautiful and cute and that you want to marry me all the time.  Then if I tell you you can't have a 3rd granola bar you will tell me I broke your heart and your angry at me and you don't like me.  You love costumes and playing super hero.  You love to be in PJ's and will put them on the moment we get home.  You like legos and reading books and have the most precious love/hate relationship with your baby sister.  You love being outside and kicking the soccer ball.  I love you so much it hurts and am so very proud of the big boy you have become.

Forum and Apples

We got to tour the Fed Ex Forum with an engineer club that Michael is a member of.  We got to see the locker rooms, dressing room that Beyonce used, parking lot where Grizzly players park and learned a lot of fun information about the forum.
    The Memphis and Grizzles locker and work out rooms both require fingerprint approval to enter.  Cohen totally felt like he was in spy world and scanned his fingerprint over and over
                                              Sweet Savvy

 We went Apple picking at Jones Orchard and picked and picked and ate and ate some apples.  Caleb and Cohen ate so many apples we had stomach issues the next day.  It was a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful