Friday, April 29, 2011

My Quick Fix

What do I do when it's 11am, my nerves are shot, the baby's crying, the dog's barking and the kids aren't happy? Throw them in a bubble bath...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Runner

Mom and Drew were going to run a 5K in Little Rock, mom decided that she wanted Savvy to run with them. Michael will take her hiking and that girl can out do me, she doesn't stop. And after seeing Drew run the half-marathon she hasn't stopped talking about races. I told mom she needed to bring the stroller but she said her or Drew would carry her when she gets tired(crazy). I was nervous that everyone would get exhausted and have to drop out... Cohen waiting to cheer everyone on and yes he is still in his P.J.'s

Bevvy, Caleb and M.A.

Look at that precious girl! She was so excited and so proud of her running shirt and shorts

Uncle Drew putting her timing sensor on her shoe

And then she was off, I was standing probably .1 miles from the start and here she comes POUTING!!!! It made me so sad because she had been so happy. Mom picked her up and started carrying her, I thought it was not going to go well. Drew said he thought she got overwhelmed with the crowd and everyone standing so close and then she didn't like the gun starting the race. I had to wait at the finish line and wasn't able to see how she was doing during the race. This is at the finish line and pregnant Candice came in first from our group running it home!

And then SAVVY came! Of course I was tearing up and yelling her name. When she saw me she just started running to me. Mom had to yell at her stay on the course and baby girl ran through that finish line.

Her finish time was 55 minutes and 47 seconds

And a strawberry banana smoothie to replenish

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can we go swimming PLEASE

We are dying to get our feet wet! At least twice a week I will find Savvy and Cohen in their swimming suits. They keep asking, "is it summer yet". My fish need their water

They wanted Caleb to join in on the fun so I pulled out his speedo.... soak it up ladies

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We read a book where the momma duck kisses her chicks and leaves kiss marks. The kids decided they were in need of some kisses. This is how we turned out

After all that hard work, this is how I found Cohen sleeping that night. Must have been a good book

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Come Summer Come

One of my thousands of reason we love summer...