Saturday, November 12, 2016


Sweet Cassie got us tickets to see Adam Levine and he did not disappoint.  It was such a great concert and we had so much fun
 Favorite character day at school, Cohen is Harry Potter.  We let him read the first one this year and he FELL. IN. LOVE with it!  I told him that we would watch the movie when he finishes it and after we watched it he sat up and looked at me and said "THE BOOK IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE MOVIE!"  My heart soared, he then told me all about the parts that weren't in the movie but that should have been ;)  All anyone needs is an amazing book to get you hooked on reading.  He just finished the 3rd now :)

 Savvy and Caleb were Desperaux… We are reading it at night all together and it is taking us forever but it will be one of my favorites I'm sure.  I love the author so much, amazing writer!

                              Norah and I surprised MA for her birthday :)
                                                       Fun with cousins
this is totally totally unacceptable :)  Savvy is really trying to turn Norah into a razorback

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Church Picnic

I love our annual church picnic… mainly because i love our church so much.  We have so many hilarious and amazing people and get us fed and water sports and its out of control.  We laughed so hard and I was sore the next day from running around on the water obstacle course

Schools Back

3, 3 of them are in school!! How did this happen…  The first day they went Norah and I just stared at each other all day… the house was so quiet and we missed them like crazy.  They are all doing wonderful and Caleb really likes kindergarten :)

 Norah bug is going to school twice a week.  One of those days I help out at the elementary school and eat lunch with the older 3 (its an hour of lunch time to eat with all 3) but I love it and love being able to help out their classes

Saturday, October 22, 2016


We are soaking up the last drop of summer

 We went and stayed a weekend in South Fulton, TN with the Mcdaniels
 Aprils dad took us girls to a Civil War cemetery… at night…  He is a history teacher and lover of all things civil war.  He told us so many amazing stories.  It was incredible and spooky

 I have tried most of my life to learn how to french braid and STILL this is the best I can do… I just can't get it :)
 Mom, MA, Michael and I got to go see Dolly Parton.  She was amazing and if I get the chance, I want to see her again
 I got to take a girls trip to Nashville to help Celebrate baby Everly

Savvys 10

My Savvy bug!  She is just magical, pretty, sweet and smart :)  I can't believe that I get to be her mom.  She told me a few weeks before her birthday that she loved llamacorns and wanted that for her birthday cake.  I have never heard of llamacorns so I did what I always do… google and call mom:)  Her and mom made this majestic creature and it was AMAZING and caused countless giggles and explanations

I love you Savannah!  May you always love llamacorns and keep the fierceness of Rey :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wynne and Whaaa

 After Michael and Savvy left I decided we would go and visit Mom and MA for a couple of days.
I was glad to get there so I could have some sympathy for my poison ivy:)  I'm 34 and it is the first time I've every had it… and its miserable.  New spots kept showing up and it was all over my body.  After the 6th day and new spots still showing up, I got on a steroid and that made it so much better.  But still when I got off of it some new spots came up, but its all gone now.  I think that Indie must have been getting into it and then I was getting it from her

 Mom had to travel for work and she had left early that morning and when I woke up MA was still asleep… which never happens.  I called mom and she said she had gotten sick through out the night… So I let her sleep a little bit, then brought her some water and toast and she was burning up.  Long story short, we called the dr., went to the dr, went to the er, got admitted to the hospital :(  I am so very thankful we were there.  She's as strong as an ox now and waking up before me again:)
 Dr. Cohen took good care of her :)  Every time we came up there we left with gloves and masks.  Sweet MA, she was always trying to smile but she was so sick :(
                                                        We love our MA

 Mom introduced Cohen to pokemon go, and we all loved it… ha!