Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wynne and Whaaa

 After Michael and Savvy left I decided we would go and visit Mom and MA for a couple of days.
I was glad to get there so I could have some sympathy for my poison ivy:)  I'm 34 and it is the first time I've every had it… and its miserable.  New spots kept showing up and it was all over my body.  After the 6th day and new spots still showing up, I got on a steroid and that made it so much better.  But still when I got off of it some new spots came up, but its all gone now.  I think that Indie must have been getting into it and then I was getting it from her

 Mom had to travel for work and she had left early that morning and when I woke up MA was still asleep… which never happens.  I called mom and she said she had gotten sick through out the night… So I let her sleep a little bit, then brought her some water and toast and she was burning up.  Long story short, we called the dr., went to the dr, went to the er, got admitted to the hospital :(  I am so very thankful we were there.  She's as strong as an ox now and waking up before me again:)
 Dr. Cohen took good care of her :)  Every time we came up there we left with gloves and masks.  Sweet MA, she was always trying to smile but she was so sick :(
                                                        We love our MA

 Mom introduced Cohen to pokemon go, and we all loved it… ha!

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