Friday, July 29, 2016

Caleb's Hair

Caleb has been persistent that he wanted me to shave his gorgeous, amazing hair.  I caved and shaved it the start of the summer and I HATE it!!  Of course he is adorable but man I miss his hair :)  Both the boys want to grow their hair out again and that makes this momma heart happy

 There has been some positives about his shorn hair… Like Caleb is so expressive with his eyebrows.  When he tells a story his eyebrows will move like crazy, and I can know his mood totally by the brows…it gets me every time!   His hair had always covered them
He looked like this 2 minutes after the haircut… I love my boys

Alice in Wonderland

Savvy was a teacup at her dance recital and blew me away!  After she performed I leaned over to my mom to tell her that I was crying and she was crying…haha. Savvy totally played the part.  When she finished we were all gushing over her and she had made up her mind she wasn't going to do dance anymore…lol.  I thought maybe the summer break would change her mind but she still doesn't want to sign up again.  If I'm honest, I'm sad about it, but I have never forced her to do anything extracurricular so I won't start now… but still whaa

Savvys 10 year Backpacking Trip

Michael came up with the amazing idea to take each of the kids backpacking the year they turn 10.  All the family pitched in and we were able to get her gear to last her a long time.  We went to Savage Gulf and as soon as we pulled in it started pouring.  Michael was prepared and we all had rain gear.  She was incredible, backpacked 10 miles, ate a diet of beef sticks and freeze dried meals, swam to a waterfall, lived off the land for 2 nights, and was hilarious.  I loved so much having this one on one time with her.  At home she is always the responsible, no-nonsense, easiest-oldest child.  But here she was goofy, free, and just wonderful.  She said quotes that we will hold on for the rest of our life-like "how did he break his plasma" and "papas milk".  I hope she always remembers this trip, I know we will

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mud Island

We went with the Mcdaniel's  to mud island and Michael was able to visit us for lunch.  This place is so neat, the weather was perfect and the Magnolia tree's were blooming

Friday, July 15, 2016

Buffalo River

We went with 2 of our favorite families to the Buffalo River.  We canoed on  Friday and hiked and played in the river on Saturday.  Mom offered to keep Norah for the weekend and that worked out perfectly, I would have been nervous with her on the canoe.  We started with Savvy and I in a canoe and then she asked Michael if she could come to his canoe because apparently I make her nervous…. whatever.  Caleb came in with me and we were a great team ;)
 The kids love telling stories by the fire.  They are hilarious but somehow always end with zombies or a werewolf... and usually by the time we go to sleep we have frightened kids

End of Year Fun

The school year is coming to a close and trying to attend all 4 end of the year celebrations has been… challenging:)  I've had a lot of help and had to ask help for reinforcements when things were scheduled at the same time.  Caleb and Norah had a muffins with mom on the same day/time Cohen was leaving for a field trip and luckily mimi was able to go on the field trip with Cohen.  After muffins with mom I drove straight to Savannah's Field day for 2 hours.  (I love field day and it makes me tear up every single year.  Savvy won her division for the 50 yard dash and was so excited).  After field day I came home, ate a sandwich then left to go back to Cohen's field day… this is all in the same day, it was insanity but so so good
 The next day I went with Savvy's class to the Lichterman Nature Center
 Then Savvy had a part in the school play.  My pictures from this night were horrible, I was off my game
                                  Then my Caleb graduated preschool…  sigh

 The kids would NOT cooperate when I tried to get a picture of us together.  It was 10 am and I needed a drink ;)
 Savvy and Cohen both got Citizenship award (All E's).  The both did incredible this year and have learned so much.  So very proud of them

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summers Coming!

Summer's coming which means the kids will be covered in mud at least once a week :)