Friday, July 15, 2016

End of Year Fun

The school year is coming to a close and trying to attend all 4 end of the year celebrations has been… challenging:)  I've had a lot of help and had to ask help for reinforcements when things were scheduled at the same time.  Caleb and Norah had a muffins with mom on the same day/time Cohen was leaving for a field trip and luckily mimi was able to go on the field trip with Cohen.  After muffins with mom I drove straight to Savannah's Field day for 2 hours.  (I love field day and it makes me tear up every single year.  Savvy won her division for the 50 yard dash and was so excited).  After field day I came home, ate a sandwich then left to go back to Cohen's field day… this is all in the same day, it was insanity but so so good
 The next day I went with Savvy's class to the Lichterman Nature Center
 Then Savvy had a part in the school play.  My pictures from this night were horrible, I was off my game
                                  Then my Caleb graduated preschool…  sigh

 The kids would NOT cooperate when I tried to get a picture of us together.  It was 10 am and I needed a drink ;)
 Savvy and Cohen both got Citizenship award (All E's).  The both did incredible this year and have learned so much.  So very proud of them

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