Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lostine River Valley

I just want to eat them.  These shirts belonged to Michael and me when we were wee little kindergartners, now we pass them down:)

Momma was happy!  I knew we were going camping Friday so I was super bummed about missing the opening ceremonies.  Then I found out I could watch it live (I might have run and jumped in the library parking lot after finding out).  Oh and we got cable, WE GOT CABLE!!!!
Then the kids drove us to the camp ground :)
 I think this might have been the prettiest place we have camped.  It was stunning and the pictures do absolutely no justice.  We had some friends come with us and the kids loved having playmates

 This little guy was not a good sleeper.  He was the last to fall asleep and the first to wake up.  Michael and him took a pre breakfast hike and Savvy and Cohen didn't get up until 8:30

After breakfast and playing around for a bit, Savvy said she had a surprise for me.  We all walked up a small trail and Michael (and the kids) had set up the hammock for me.  I got an hour to read and do nothing.  Michael's aMaZiNg!!
Then Cohen wrapped up in a hammock
We left the campsite around two and I think the kids might have needed a bath

 But then we found a shallow part of the river.  It was freezing, I couldn't stand in it for more than 10 seconds before feeling faint.  Savvy stayed in it the entire time and even got all the way in.  Michael said she was part polar bear
                          Caleb takes after me and did not like the cold water


Thursday, July 26, 2012

C.J. & M.A

 So we were able to get M.A. and C.J. for the weekend and were super pumped!  We headed to Pasco to pick them up but made a pit stop to get this little man a treat
 After I took the kids to see Brave Cohen has been so scared of that stupid bear.  He usually ends up in our bed around midnight, and Cohen likes to sleep on you, he takes cuddling to the next level.  I love it going to sleep but he usually wakes me up every hour cuddling.  I told him if he slept in his bed we would get him hulk hands (he has wanted these since Dado and grammy's visit).  He can come in our bed when "the dark is all gone" but has to stay in his bed during the night.  First night he did incredible.  Second night he started crying at 2:30, I went and tucked him in and he was fine.  The next morning he told me that he woke up and looked out his window to see if the dark was all gone but then saw a bear..Dang you Brave!  Since then he has been doing great!

Mom brought all of us Lenny's.  Savvy ate almost an entire 6 inch.  Oh how we have missed you Lenny!

I guess Cohen gets his cuddling honestly
                   Mom got Savvy knitting.  Sweet girl is making Cohen a hat

 We had a good bye lunch (when we got seated we had 45 minutes until they needed to be at the airport).  It was a rushed but sweet time

                                        Can't wait to see my loves again!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Baby

It's hard for me to write it, but my girl is 6!  Oh how I love her, her creativity, kindness, shyness, bravery, all of her.  She is one special little girl, and I'm amazed that out of all the little girls in the world God gave us Savannah.  

We had some very special visitors(M.A. and C.J.) come in for her birthday and it was wonderful.  She woke up to a room of balloons and tons of presents sent from grandparents and aunt apie.

Waiting for the party to start

Mom made another wonderful cake

                                 The party girls!  They turned the piƱata into hats
 Savannah planned the entire party, I didn't come up with any ideas, she did it all.  After presents she turned on The Little Mermaid 3 and it was a hit
                                                     Sweet Friends, Julia and Isabella

                                                                   We did nails

                                                  I think one of them is having a good time

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just another Wednesday

The kids literally woke up with the grumps on Wednesday, they were NOT happy.  We had a lot of errands to run in the morning and it ended with Savannah sitting in the grocery aisle fun.
We came home, had lunch, put Caleb to nap and watched a movie.  Then those stinkers were still grumpy.  One thing that has worked every single time to turn around a bad day is pull out the water.  It worked again:)
what started with a water hose turned into getting a soapy (make my own) slip n slide
                               This little guy woke up and joined in on the fun
 Oh and another pretty cool fact about Wednesday is that we closed on our house!  It's done, no longer ours, gives me a really weird feeling.  I still think I have the right to walk into the house and see and the kids room.  I'm sure this will fade and the new homeowner can rest assure I won't barge in.

We decided that today was definitely a day to celebrate and we remembered we had a gift card.
Funny note...My incredible, sweet, wonderful friends at TAS gave our family a gift card to Applebees when we moved.  They said they searched for restaurants in Walla Walla that we had in Memphis.  This was the only one , so those sweet loves gave us a free meal there... and it was good:)

                     Made me laugh and think it would have made them laugh too
                                          this guy got a little crazy
                                                 love bugs