Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good Start

We have had such a fun week.  Swim lessons are going much better with Caleb, still not loving it but he isn't crying anymore.  Tuesday we met some friends at the Lavender Farm and it was pure heaven.   My favorite smell is lavender and as soon as I opened the car door it was lavender overload.  We got to cut our own to take home, our bunch is now drying in my closet.  I think I'm going to try and go again without the kids, bring a book, lunch and drink lavender lemonade for the afternoon

                I think Caleb felt the calming effects of lavender that night, he was sleeping good
 On the 4th we went to pioneer park, they had bands and vendors.  Don't the kids look adorable?  I always have and will be (as long as they let me) the mom who likes to coordinate

 Then that night we had some friends come over for dinner and then we went and saw the fireworks, which went off after 10.  The kids were troopers and slept until 9 today ;)

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