Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camping with Dad

Everyone had a good time camping.  Michael said the kids were great but he was glad Mike was there:) I was so excited to see them when they pulled up, its amazing how a day alone can refresh and tear at my heart.  I was glad they were home.  These are the pics Michael took on his phone (all the pictures I have been posting lately have been from my phone.  My lens broke in May and I'm waiting for the house to sell to buy a new one).

 They managed to find snow (it was 100 degrees in walla walla).
                                                                                               Table Top

                                                                    Christmas tree in July, in the road
                                    found a car on fire...  The couple had gone hiking so everyone was safe
Then they came home showered, Caleb napped, found Savvy's Ariel wig and iPad....its good to be home.

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