Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lostine River Valley

I just want to eat them.  These shirts belonged to Michael and me when we were wee little kindergartners, now we pass them down:)

Momma was happy!  I knew we were going camping Friday so I was super bummed about missing the opening ceremonies.  Then I found out I could watch it live (I might have run and jumped in the library parking lot after finding out).  Oh and we got cable, WE GOT CABLE!!!!
Then the kids drove us to the camp ground :)
 I think this might have been the prettiest place we have camped.  It was stunning and the pictures do absolutely no justice.  We had some friends come with us and the kids loved having playmates

 This little guy was not a good sleeper.  He was the last to fall asleep and the first to wake up.  Michael and him took a pre breakfast hike and Savvy and Cohen didn't get up until 8:30

After breakfast and playing around for a bit, Savvy said she had a surprise for me.  We all walked up a small trail and Michael (and the kids) had set up the hammock for me.  I got an hour to read and do nothing.  Michael's aMaZiNg!!
Then Cohen wrapped up in a hammock
We left the campsite around two and I think the kids might have needed a bath

 But then we found a shallow part of the river.  It was freezing, I couldn't stand in it for more than 10 seconds before feeling faint.  Savvy stayed in it the entire time and even got all the way in.  Michael said she was part polar bear
                          Caleb takes after me and did not like the cold water



  1. It looks like you all had such a great time!

  2. You guys always find the coolest place to camp at!! I wanna go camping with you!!

  3. Looks like fun! We may have to join you one day!

  4. Looks like y'all are having so much fun there. Maybe the kids and I could come visit sometime. I've never been to Walla Walla. :) I miss you!!! Happy belated Bday to Savvy Bug.