Thursday, August 2, 2012

This and That

Today was a pretty funny day, that ended with dancing.  Halfway through our jam time Savvy said "Lets get this party started and have some gum".  I was like absolutely!  I got the gum and she said "lets really get rockin and have the whole piece"  Lets hope that all of her parties start and end with only juicy fruit.
When I was tucking the kids in tonight I went to Caleb and tried to kiss him through the crib rails.  (this is what we do so its nothing new)  He looked at me stood up and stuck his foot out for me to kiss.  I kissed and the prince was content to lie down and sleep.  Stinker, but look what I'm dealing with.
This is his kiss face
       Cohen stopped liking baby carrots in March but now has fallen in love with "real" carrots
    The kids packed their backpacks and asked to go on an adventure.  We did a loop on our street:)

                                      Not sure what is really going on here
                                              Fun at the park with friends
                    Savvy has started getting in Caleb's crib when he wakes up
and Savannah and I might have put her bathing suit on Caleb this morning.  We love you Caleb and I'm sure little brothers all around the world have to deal with this
 Savannah has really been taking on a mommy role around here.  She wants to get Caleb out of his crib, make his milk, cuddle with him, and take care of whoever will let her.  Tonight I was bathing the boys and she wanted to help, so she washed Cohen's hair.  When she was scrubbing Cohen said "you rub just like mom".  Sweet boy.  I don't even know how I scrub, but I must have passed it down:)  oh then she wanted to rock him and of course this little cuddle bug was happy.

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