Friday, August 24, 2012

Like a Champ

I have been in such a "crafty" mood over the past 2 weeks.  It all started with a can of spray paint and then getting addicted to craigslist :)  I let the kids pick out the colors to paint our outside chairs.  These were my great-grandmothers!  I'm sure she would have never thought her patio furniture would be these colors, let alone in Washington.  Hope it makes her smile.
 Our dinning room table was my grandmothers (different one).  My SIL and I recovered the seats before Savvy was born.  The picture doesn't show but every chair had some kind of food stain on it.  I love red but wanted to do something different.  So yellow and blue it is
 I found this china hutch ( the kids sound so southern when they say "china hutch", I LOVE it) on craigslist for $40.  I loved painting it, the kids were in bed, I had pandora on in the backyard, the sun was setting.  It was wonderful, so much so I'm trying to find other things to paint
Then we set this up in the laundry room, school's about to start!!!  We found out Savannah's teacher last week and will meet her next week.

                                                          Happy Friday!

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