Saturday, July 29, 2017

(Backup) Cancun!

(Backup) Boxes and monogrammed dress

It was a beautiful spring morning, I had just finished making breakfast and I go call Norah to come in and eat, to find her peeing in a container.  I think it must run in the family. Savvy did this exact same thing when she was her age (but it was in her play kitchens sink). Both just did it once, with really no explanation and never spoke of it again 

2 nights she made this bed in the boys room and slept all night 

Cohen and I have been trying to figure out the game Go... we are trying, not sure if we fully understand 

I was consignment shopping and found this dress. We have laughed and laughed. She hates it and I knew she would hate it (I didn't like it, but I couldn't pass up the chance to see this face on her)

Monday, July 17, 2017


Egg drop at school. Poor Cohen spent the most time on his and his egg broke 

Let's go fly a kite

Mimi and papaw gave the kids kites for Valentine's Day 

Hot Springs

Michael and I were able to get away for the weekend and went to Hot Springs. 

Our first night there we were going out for supper and in the lobby they had free chips and dip, beer and wine.  We are still college kids at heart and when we hear free food/drink... we aren't passing that up. So we sat down and ended up staying for 2 hours. Filled up on chips and dip we just went back up to our hotel room 😂. It really was such a fun night 

It was beautiful downtown and the springs really are hot. They have stations where people come and fill up their hugs to drink the water. I tried it and it was sweet. 

Valentines Day

Found this on my pillow💕💕 she knows the way to my heart

January and February

She is so precious to me
I adore his crazy teeth missing, watermelon loving face

The kids were supposed to dress like a 100 year old for the 100th day of school.  Our mornings are so funny on dress up days. We are all so into it.   We were watching makeup tutorials to get this look😂

Oh Cohen, the crazy hair tradition continues.  He wanted an Anakin rat tail this year 

And Michael took it a gross step forward and shaved his beard keeping a rat tail for himself. You would have thought Cohen had seen an angel when Michael walked out with this and he begged and pleaded for Michael to keep it

Fishing in January

"We" aka Michael and Jon (I was just along for the ride) took the kids fishing.  

They found a dead turtle and held a funeral for the poor thing

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Christmas present

Michael teaching Caleb how to shoot the BB gun😳


"I can talk to birds and dogs." - Caleb


All 3 received 2 stripes and were so excited and we were so proud!
And Norah playing in the snow in summer clothes...

We are still playing dentist around here
I leave the kitchen for 5 minutes and she nibbles as many strawberries as she can😂

Snow day

Snow days are my favorite. I love when we can't leave and making a hearty soup and watching movies and pretty much everything, because it's a snow day!

Monday, July 3, 2017