Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal went smooth and the kids felt good about their role except for Caleb he was nervous about carrying the ring box.  We then headed over to the Rock House.  Mom and Dad gave a wonderful speech and the dinner was so delicious 

 The light sabers came out and when Caleb started hitting the brides dad with one we decided it was time to head out ;)
                        The favors were ornaments filled with the pink sand

Wedding - 2.1

We woke up and had breakfast in our Christmas jammies
                                 Then it was another full day at the beach!

  Norah LOVES napping on the beach, she usually will be out for 3 hours, I love it

     Norah and I hanging out in Uncle Blake and Aunt Elizabeths outside bathtub…

Wedding - Day 1.2

Wednesday night Elizabeths parents had everyone over for a welcome barbecue.  It was delicious and we all tried conch fritters that were perfect!  Blake and Elizabeth gave the wedding party gifts and they were so special.  She gave the girls lockets with their initials and a handkerchief with blue for them to use  on their wedding day.  They gave the boys pocket watches that were so much of a hit that the boys slept with them several nights

              We all were exhausted by the end of the night and slept so well

Wedding - Day 1.1

We headed out early Wednesday morning and the kids traveled so well.  Caleb slept the entire flight from Memphis to Miami,  Norah napped on the 30 minute flight from Miami to Eleuthera.  Our elf Nevalyn somehow appeared on our flight to Miami ;)

 When we landed in Eleuthera we had to take a boat over to Harbour Island and our driver let Cohen drive for a little bit… it scared me
 The beach was too beautiful for words.  Sand is tinted pink from conch shells and water was crystal teal, paradise

Thanksgiving Break

We went and visited Michael at work and within 2 seconds the kids had taken over the office

 On Thanksgiving day we went to Aunt Pam's for a little while and then to Jason's house.  On Saturday we went to Wynne.  Caleb is the only one to take pictures of the break so these are the only two we have

Pie Face

 Caleb was given Pie Face for his birthday and we had an epic night with it :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Caleb is 5

My angel baby.   He is so smart and sweet and artistic and stubborn and his belly laugh slays me
He wanted a ninja party and we had a silly string war and he loved it
                             Savvy did makeup for whoever wanted ;)

                           Happy Birthday Caleb we love you so much

Random Sweetness

EVERYTIME after a bath they cuddle up and lay like this for at least 10 minutes
 These two have such a sweet relationship.  She loves to play teacher and he likes to learn (and eat candy… she always gives him candy after he plays school with her).  Look at Calebs shoes
 Cohen had a Veterans Day program at school and the 2nd graders sang several songs.  They asked the kids to send in pictures of family members who had served and 3 of his great-grandfathers were shown in the slide show… very special
                                    I want to eat her every single day
                                And she makes me laugh every single day