Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gulf Shores

  Another successful beach trip!…. how could a beach trip not be a hit ;)  With the kids getting older we are outside the ENTIRE day.  We eat breakfast then head to the beach.  Someone will head up to make lunch then bring it back down for everyone.  Norah would sleep on me for 2-3 hours everyday, then we would all get hungry and head up for dinner.  Absolutely perfect days every day.  We did add a new adventure this year.  We went and saw the Drive by Truckers - this is one of Drew and Daniels favorite bands.  It was so much fun, especially watching Drew and Daniel… total bromance meets watching your favorite band from the front row, they were in heaven together… look at the excitement in their eyes even before the show started
Norah was right in the middle of potty training and, I don't even know what to write… I think we will always be that crazy family ;)

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