Saturday, August 27, 2016


We LOVE Summer

Savvy got bitten by a fire ant (we think) and her poor foot!  This was the worst day and it took about a week for it to get back to normal

Michael's work has a picnic every June and it is so fun but oh so very hot

 Took the olders to the pink palace and we watched a show about black holes in the planetarium, that blew Cohens mind :)
                    We went with the Cousins to their lake house

 Finally tried out the green line and I loved it so much.  Its all paved and  most of the trail we were on was shaded.  Michael mapped out our trip to have a stop at chick fil a and we got milk shakes before we made it back to the car. All of us had a great time
And that one time michael peddled me around the neighborhood in the toddler bike trailer.  We were laughing so hard and the kids didn't think it was funny at all… all humor aside, I loved it, we really need adult versions of this
We had our 2nd annual 4th of July fish fry at our house.  Michael's family comes over and its always a great time

 I honestly don't understand how my children are such amazing eaters.  I always have fruit and veggies for meals and have tried to keep a mostly healthy diet but they take it to the extremes.  Really I love it but I can't take any credit for it.  But they are weirdos, Norah went through a phase where she wanted sweet peas for breakfast
 and all 3 of them will eat bell peppers like apples.  And this was breakfast too, oatmeal and bell peppers…. totally amazing, wonderful weirdos :)
 I don't think I could find the words to describe the intensity of Love Savvy has for Norah.  She is the best big sister, hands down
                                                      Zoo Trip
                        Norah was trying to get the hippo to eat her carrot….
 Everytime we come to the zoo one of the kids want their picture taken with him