Saturday, October 29, 2016

Church Picnic

I love our annual church picnic… mainly because i love our church so much.  We have so many hilarious and amazing people and get us fed and water sports and its out of control.  We laughed so hard and I was sore the next day from running around on the water obstacle course

Schools Back

3, 3 of them are in school!! How did this happen…  The first day they went Norah and I just stared at each other all day… the house was so quiet and we missed them like crazy.  They are all doing wonderful and Caleb really likes kindergarten :)

 Norah bug is going to school twice a week.  One of those days I help out at the elementary school and eat lunch with the older 3 (its an hour of lunch time to eat with all 3) but I love it and love being able to help out their classes

Saturday, October 22, 2016


We are soaking up the last drop of summer

 We went and stayed a weekend in South Fulton, TN with the Mcdaniels
 Aprils dad took us girls to a Civil War cemetery… at night…  He is a history teacher and lover of all things civil war.  He told us so many amazing stories.  It was incredible and spooky

 I have tried most of my life to learn how to french braid and STILL this is the best I can do… I just can't get it :)
 Mom, MA, Michael and I got to go see Dolly Parton.  She was amazing and if I get the chance, I want to see her again
 I got to take a girls trip to Nashville to help Celebrate baby Everly

Savvys 10

My Savvy bug!  She is just magical, pretty, sweet and smart :)  I can't believe that I get to be her mom.  She told me a few weeks before her birthday that she loved llamacorns and wanted that for her birthday cake.  I have never heard of llamacorns so I did what I always do… google and call mom:)  Her and mom made this majestic creature and it was AMAZING and caused countless giggles and explanations

I love you Savannah!  May you always love llamacorns and keep the fierceness of Rey :)