Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 2

We started the day with Caroline and Ike taking us to the Navy Academy in Maryland.   It was beautiful and we were able to get so much great information about the campus from Ike.

 We had a crab filled lunch (that was delicious) in Annapolis , then headed over to pick up mom!  Our first stop was to Georgetown to get cupcakes.   We left with way too many and they were all gone by that night
                        We then checked out the Natural History museum

 Norah was covering her eyes because that was a mean T-Rex checking her out
                       Julianna and Savannah getting attacked by a great white
                       We then walked over to the Washington Monument
                                     Savannah trying to pick up the monument

                                            World War 2 Memorial
                                             Lincoln Memorial

It was such a wonderful day, all the monuments were beautiful and it was such a privilege to experience everything with my mom and my girls.  After the Lincoln Memorial we had to walk back 3 miles to our car.  We were exhausted and the kids were exhausted but were troopers.  They would take turns ridding in the stroller with Norah and we all slept SO good that night!