Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cheers to Jello

When we moved here Caleb dropped down to one nap. It has been wonderful because I usually don't have to wake him up and we can go to the Y or run errands in the morning. Another amazing thing is that he usually will sleep around 3 hours. During his nap we all chill out and will usually start out by either watching a movie or cartoon, then a craft or play. Today we made delicious Jello. We put them in wine glasses...because we are fancy like that. After dinner we pulled them out and Savvy's had a heart in it. You can't see it but it was there, she said God put it there, oh how I love this girl!
We toasted, I to the kids, Cohen to mimi and Savvy to her spoon

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Fun

Saturday Michael went snowmobiling so the kids and I decided we would go to the children's museum. We drove around for 20 minutes, called 6 times, tried to yell down a firefighter and still could not find it. So I decided we would go to Jumpin Jelly beans which is like a pump it up. I had a coupon for it at home and after picking it up we headed over and it was closed!!! We were next to the toy store and yep they talked me into it, we went in. Savvy got a purse and Cohen got a boat that floats around by putting a balloon on it. When I blew up the balloon you would have thought that Cohen had found his long lost friend. He was calling it bloom bloom and there was hugging and kissing involved, he cracks me up

The street we are living on right now is so much fun. The families are so sweet and there are kids everywhere. Sunday we had a neighborhood kickball game

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Waiting Game

It's been a Seattle kind of week- clouds, rain, cold. Since we have moved to Washington God is being very quiet, and as of lately SILENT. This has been very hard for me because He usually doesn't use the silent treatment on me:) Our prayers are not being answered the way WE thought they would, in fact nothing is happening. Our house isn't selling, isn't being shown, we don't know if we should buy or rent, we don't know which church He wants us to members of, we don't know where to put Savvy in kindergarten next year, and don't feel like God is directing us in any direction. To be honest I don't like it. I'm being stretched, bent, pushed but I'm NOT broke. I'm still pursing Him knowing that He will answer and He will come through.
I have started a spinning class and am loving it. I got to go yesterday and during one of the hard songs the instructor told us to go to a dark spot in our life and face it head on, push ourselves (this sounds silly but I was totally into it) I imagined me in a forest with God out in front of me but just out of my reach. I cranked up my resistance and pushed as hard as I could with tears in my eyes. I felt like Jacob wrestling, my endurance was renewed and I'm not stopping. Of course I wanted to make money on our house selling, wanted to move into a bigger, nicer house here. But more than this I have no comfort unless I'm in His will. Later on that day I realized that because God is being silent when He does speak, it is going to shatter the stillness I feel. I can't wait to see what He has to say.

So what do the Clay's do while they are waiting on God.... we make lava lamps. Baby oil, water, food coloring, alka seltzer and boom!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend rap up

We went all out for St. Patty's day (Cohen gets mad at me when I call it that:) All of us had on our color and we were ready to take on the town. We were one of the two family's eating at the Irish Pub here in town and the only family wearing

Cohen likes to wear his shoes on the wrong feet and his hats backward

Savannah got a kite from her teachers Friday for doing her homework and Michael took her and Cohen to fly it. There was zero wind but the kids can run. Poor Caleb had to stay inside because it was cold and he is recovering from round #2 of croup. He watched them from the window

Friday, March 16, 2012

Not so lucky

We "tried" to make crystal shamrocks. It is a really easy recipe but did not work for us. We got got green pipe cleaners and shaped them into shamrocks. I put 3 cups of boiling water into 1/2 cup of borax with a few drops of green food coloring. I tied the end of the shamrock to a pencil and let it sit over night.

The kids thought it was really cool and the sweet babes thought it turned out perfect. This is not at all how it was supposed to look. I tried it again the next day and put double the amount of borax and it worked, but didn't get any pictures.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Baby girl crashed bad on her scooter. She is so tough and very rarely cries when she gets hurt. I saw her fall and it really didn't look that bad, but she screamed. After some TLC she was fine but said she wasn't riding the scooter any more. This is my baby's leg 2 days later.Friday the kids had conferences at their preschool. Both had great reports and had a lot of cute work. Savvy's teacher had them each tell her a story and she typed it out
She melts my heart, this was the first I've heard about her being scared. Michael was joking about the bear and I remember us all laughing but now I imagine her in her little sleeping bag terrified. Poor Savvy.

I will end on this note.....that is peanut butter and I have trained him to do this face on command. He is a genius
oh and she rode her scooter the next day

Monday, March 12, 2012


The rodeo came to Walla Walla! Saturday morning they had an event for kids, they wore their boots and Cohen said yeehaw all morning. They rode the bull

then caught some cattle. They look like pro's here, but it was a bit more shaky than the pics show:)

This guy will get goofy and can make me laugh so hard. I turned around and found him like this
We went downtown and had lunch, we were singing "down on main street" and I'm sure the kids will disown us in a few years. But for now they think we are super cool and believe that I'm the best singer in town.
There is a gated park downtown and completely felt like New York

It was a fun Saturday that ended with milk shakes, couldn't have been any better

Saturday, March 10, 2012


On Monday afternoon the kids were stir crazy and uncle Drew and I took them to the park. He is so fun with them and they adore him. When they want to play he will play, and he might or might not have been to heavy for this ...
And this did turn out ok
oh these lips!!!!
If a book has a super hero in it, Cohen could be read to for hours.
We ate at home and after putting the kids to sleep we, oh my heart, watched Breaking Dawn. Tuesday Drew and Hannah went to several tasting rooms and Mom and I ran errands. We ate out that night then they took the kids home and bathed them! Michael and I went and got chocolate cake and walked home just in time to put the kids to bed:) It was a great trip and so grateful that they got to come visit.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What will I do with him:)

Mom, Drew and Hannah are safely back in Memphis, and we miss them already. We had a great time and I have more pics that I will show in the next post. I dropped them off yesterday and while we were in the tri-cities I thought a target run would do us good. For a reason that I still don't understand I splurged on a $15 bottle of shampoo for the kids.
Cohen wanted to take a shower tonight and I gave him the NEVER used bottle of shampoo. I was folding laundry outside the door when I realized he had been in there for a while. I opened the shower door to a foot of bubbles and an empty $15 bottle of shampoo. I said "Cohen what were you thinking" He replied "I was thinking that was a bad idea" I kept a straight face and told him that he is going to have to buy some more with the money in his piggy bank. He asked if we could use some of Savvy's too...

Monday, March 5, 2012


Last week was a hard week. Worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, all wrapped up in hormones....yes it was nasty. I was in desperate need of some southern love that fortunately my mom, Drew and Hannah (Drew's girlfriend) were bringing. We were all so excited to see them, so much so that the kids wanted to make a poster.We saw the plane landing and I felt a pit in my stomach which told me yep your probably going to cry. I didn't get any pictures of them because yes I cried and when mom saw the kids she cried which made me cry harder...heck I'm tearing up again

She missed her C.J.
We drove around the town Saturday night and had pizza for dinner. Michael, Drew and Hannah went to the Laht Neppur and the kids, C.J. and I went to sleep. Sunday we got to go skiing!!! This was my first time and it did not come naturally to me at all. Walking and stopping were impossible. Once I started going I was fine but I need a good bit more practice. Drew and Hannah were great and even did a black.
This little girl did so good! She can't stop (like her momma) but has no fear and went down the bunny once with her trainer, once with Drew getting in front of her and she would ski to him, and the last time holding on to mom's poles.

Mom proudly sported her razorback beenie the whole time. She rocked the bunny slope!

It was an amazing day and I think all of us were asleep by 9