Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Waiting Game

It's been a Seattle kind of week- clouds, rain, cold. Since we have moved to Washington God is being very quiet, and as of lately SILENT. This has been very hard for me because He usually doesn't use the silent treatment on me:) Our prayers are not being answered the way WE thought they would, in fact nothing is happening. Our house isn't selling, isn't being shown, we don't know if we should buy or rent, we don't know which church He wants us to members of, we don't know where to put Savvy in kindergarten next year, and don't feel like God is directing us in any direction. To be honest I don't like it. I'm being stretched, bent, pushed but I'm NOT broke. I'm still pursing Him knowing that He will answer and He will come through.
I have started a spinning class and am loving it. I got to go yesterday and during one of the hard songs the instructor told us to go to a dark spot in our life and face it head on, push ourselves (this sounds silly but I was totally into it) I imagined me in a forest with God out in front of me but just out of my reach. I cranked up my resistance and pushed as hard as I could with tears in my eyes. I felt like Jacob wrestling, my endurance was renewed and I'm not stopping. Of course I wanted to make money on our house selling, wanted to move into a bigger, nicer house here. But more than this I have no comfort unless I'm in His will. Later on that day I realized that because God is being silent when He does speak, it is going to shatter the stillness I feel. I can't wait to see what He has to say.

So what do the Clay's do while they are waiting on God.... we make lava lamps. Baby oil, water, food coloring, alka seltzer and boom!


  1. Ahley, I love this post. And I KNOW your answers are coming soon. I can picture every one of your facial expressions as if you were telling me the spin/Jacob story in person.
    I love and miss you friend!! :)

  2. Has realtor suggested pricing low to set up a bidding war? Hold to your faith Ashley there is a reason for this dry spell. Get in his Word, study where God's people has been sent in another land and what they did and how God worked in their lives. He may be silent but he's still there right inside you. Voice his promises for you and family, claim them as truths. I'll be praying for you. Remember God does not want you guys to do this by yourselves, he wants you to hand your cares to him. Love ya'll! Paula Dye