Monday, March 5, 2012


Last week was a hard week. Worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, all wrapped up in hormones....yes it was nasty. I was in desperate need of some southern love that fortunately my mom, Drew and Hannah (Drew's girlfriend) were bringing. We were all so excited to see them, so much so that the kids wanted to make a poster.We saw the plane landing and I felt a pit in my stomach which told me yep your probably going to cry. I didn't get any pictures of them because yes I cried and when mom saw the kids she cried which made me cry harder...heck I'm tearing up again

She missed her C.J.
We drove around the town Saturday night and had pizza for dinner. Michael, Drew and Hannah went to the Laht Neppur and the kids, C.J. and I went to sleep. Sunday we got to go skiing!!! This was my first time and it did not come naturally to me at all. Walking and stopping were impossible. Once I started going I was fine but I need a good bit more practice. Drew and Hannah were great and even did a black.
This little girl did so good! She can't stop (like her momma) but has no fear and went down the bunny once with her trainer, once with Drew getting in front of her and she would ski to him, and the last time holding on to mom's poles.

Mom proudly sported her razorback beenie the whole time. She rocked the bunny slope!

It was an amazing day and I think all of us were asleep by 9

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  1. I.still.can' Love reading your posts!