Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Baby girl crashed bad on her scooter. She is so tough and very rarely cries when she gets hurt. I saw her fall and it really didn't look that bad, but she screamed. After some TLC she was fine but said she wasn't riding the scooter any more. This is my baby's leg 2 days later.Friday the kids had conferences at their preschool. Both had great reports and had a lot of cute work. Savvy's teacher had them each tell her a story and she typed it out
She melts my heart, this was the first I've heard about her being scared. Michael was joking about the bear and I remember us all laughing but now I imagine her in her little sleeping bag terrified. Poor Savvy.

I will end on this note.....that is peanut butter and I have trained him to do this face on command. He is a genius
oh and she rode her scooter the next day

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