Thursday, June 30, 2011


Our last two days in Atlanta we soaked up some nature! We found a playground and then went hiking at sweet water creek state park.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Six Flags, Coke factory and Aquarium

Michael went to a conference in Atlanta and the fam tagged along. We had such a great time, our family loves travelling and the kids always do so great.

Sweet boy had to find a time out corner after 3 minutes inside the coke factory

I wish I knew what Caleb was thinking

I have never had so many people ask to hold Caleb. He will smile at people like you are his long lost love and they(including me) can't keep their hands off of him

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This might be

my favorite picture of all time
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer fun

We are loving the summer, I think my favorite part is not having to be anywhere in the morning unless it's a play date. Here is what we've been up too
Pedicures in the backyard,

My amazing photographer friend took some picks of the kids...why can't i do this with my camera?

Swimming, I'm going to try really hard to teach the kids to swim this year

We had Calebs tear duct open last week. It was no fun at all but has been perfect since. Look at those beautiful eyes!

Schools out!

Were done with preschool for the summer :( We have had such a fun year and I have loved the school and their teachers. When I put the kids to bed they will still ask, "are we going to school in the morning" Savannah had a graduation but wanted none of it! She gets supper shy in front of a crowd, they sang several songs but she just held on to Ms. Sarah's hand.

This is her best friend from class

The teachers

Cohen's and his teachers, love them!

baby boy was tired after all of that