Friday, November 30, 2012

November Wrap-up

So excited that tomorrow is December.  If someone could explode with incredible things going on in one month it will be me.  Birthday, Ultrasound, coming home for Christmas, Gender reveal party, Christmas and our 10 year wedding anniversary. It's going to be crazy wonderful.
 Before I go to bed I always go in and check on the kids.  I kissed Savvy first and grabbed my phone because her sleeping in her glove was cracking me up.
 Then I went to Cohen's bed.  The next morning Cohen explained the reason's for wearing the gloves, something on the lines of glove power...
                                             Gingerbread PB&J's
 Cohen had his Thanksgiving program and it was adorable.  Him and Savannah are totally opposite when it comes to performing.  She want's us in the back and we can smile at her but not to big where we show our teeth..... that's a direct quote.  Then Cohen wants us in the front row cheering him on.

                                    Cohen had to get his shots, it wasn't fun
 And I believe that Savannah might have her first crush....might.  This was just out of the blue, Michael asked her why they were holding a heart and she shrugged her shoulders and said "i don't know".  She makes me smile
 We did a few days of Thankful leaves this month.  The kids would pick out a leaf and then we would write what we were Thankful for.  Funny note; Cohen's first leaf he wrote dad, then the next day he asked me if I could take down his leaf because he asked Michael to get him some water before bed and he didn't.  I'm sure Michael forgot and we left his leaf up
 Baby is starting to pop out!  And I'm really starting to feel the baby move, it's a bizarre feeling to know(Lord and vasectomy willing) that this will be the last time I will feel the early movements of a baby.  Happy and sad

Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Birthday

Our blond baby is 2 and he is incredible plain and simple.  I can't believe that in this last year he learned how to walk, throw fits, give big hugs and kisses and talk among tons of other things.  Some of my favorite things  that he says is "good, good", "happy, happy", "eww, gross", "ohh, cute", how he calls a jacket a backpack, Savvy, Cohen and love you.  Caleb brings so much joy and love to our house and I'm forever grateful to be his mom.
We started the day with opening presents from grandparents
            He is so in love with his "horsy" and has to sleep with him now

We had dinner with friends and got to celebrate Thanksgiving and Caleb

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's a Griswold Family...

Oh how excited we were for Saturday.  That morning some friends invited us over for a neighborhood breakfast and do you know that the northwest has NO idea what sausage balls are... I'm planning on taking over Walla Walla with this southern delicacy :)
After breakfast we headed to the Blue's.  I love the drive up there, it's nothing short of stunning
 There are some hills at the entrance to the ski resort and Michael and the kids went sledding
                                                     pure joy
 So then Michael decided to walk up higher and sled down by himself.  When he made he yelled down "this is real steep"  I yelled back "no it's not, you will be fine" -with a don't be a chicken tone...
 Well the hill was a bit steeper than I had thought... When he started my heart sank and I handled it by laughing, like the no sound coming out, can't breath laugh
 See that dark spot below him to the left, it's a rock and he hit it...

 and got airborne.  This was the last picture I took because by this time my bones were hurting I was laughing so hard.  He was completely fine and safe and no injuries.  And for a good 5 minutes we couldn't tend to the children because the laughing was UNCONTROLLABLE.  Oh man I love Michael.

We ate our picnic in the car because snow is really cold.  And then headed down to find our Christmas tree.  You can buy a permit and cut down a tree.  Well we had a pretty hard time finding a tree.  Almost all were damaged, then we came upon this beauty.  After all that we had seen this one was by far a diamond in the rough
Michael pulled out his saw and he carried it back to the car (1/2 mile walk)
 We were so excited and it was just so pretty...until we brought it in the house.  It is sad, like more sad than Charlie Brown's.  But the kids they love it, and we do too.  I feel very passionate about our tree and she has become a part of the family.  I think we should name her
 This was our first shot of it.  The kids had full control of the decorating.  Oh the memories :)

Monday, November 19, 2012


Last week was so fun, mostly because of our anticipation for plans on Saturday- which will be it's own post :)  

 When I was young I HATED feet.  I remember screaming at my brothers for trying to put their feet on me, they just grossed me out.  The moment I became a mom my phobia turned into a fetish because now I cannot get enough of the kids feet.  Their little toes literally bring joy to my heart
 I took all 3 kids for a haircut and was a bit nervous because I knew it would take a while and was hoping that we didn't flood and destroy the salon before we left.  We survived, they actually were incredibly awesome

 Savvy asked to start listening to Christmas music, I don't think any of the radio stations here play it, so I've been hunting down Cd's we have to listen in the car
 I have found some pretty good friends here and dragged them along to see Breaking Dawn.  They came and stood out in the cold even though they knew nothing about the books or movies... That is friendship :)

Monday, November 12, 2012


 Going on week 13 of the pregnancy and thinking I'm on the upswing.  This pregnancy has been the hardest because I am all over the place, feeling amazing one day then in the dumps the next.  Anyways, now on to the fun exciting topics!  I pulled out the maternity shirts!!!
  I am also using a midwife for the pregnancy and am incredibly excited.  In Memphis you had to have a home birth to use a midwife because the hospitals wouldn't employ them (RIDICULOUS).  Here I can deliver in the hospital and have a midwife.  On my last visit she pulled out these little guys, which are the actual size and weight of a 10 week (on left) and 14 week (on right) baby.  Just amazing!
             He did it himself and got mad when I took it off to leave the house
                Cohen drew him and "sister" holding hands.  He really loves her!
 Savvy's school did a special program for Veteran's day and she got to hold up a flag for her class
 I love their imaginations, like really love it!  I was making lunches and the boys discovered a secret tunnel in our pantry.  At one point Cohen asked for the key to get in the hidden door

 Michael went camping and hiking this the snow.  He is crazy!  He took this picture on his phone and I can't get over how beautiful it is.  On Saturday he hiked 19.6 miles, he walked funny Sunday but glad to say his stride is back to normal today

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I've tried to think of what to write to introduce this video, but I can't find the words...

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Wednesday morning was a prefect Halloween morning, it was cool but not cold and a super heavy fog 
 I was able to go to both the kids parties and had so much fun.  They both were so excited when I walked in (running and squealing)... I'm so lucky to be their mom

 We only went to one house and it was our precious neighbor Mr. Stan, who will turn 93 this Christmas.  The kids are crazy about him
 Then we headed downtown and met Michael.  The town closed down main street and all the stores pass out candy.  It was so neat but within an hour there were way to many trick or treaters on one street, but still had so much fun.  I saw a man dressed up like bacon and Michael asked if I tried to take a bite... he knows me so well :)
 Sweet Caleb's only nap was in the car on the way downtown, so he was not feeling the dragon costume.  That night we went to the Harvest Carnival (it was a crazy busy day) and he did wear his hat for 5.5 seconds and I was able to get him to say "trick-r-treat"