Sunday, November 4, 2012


Wednesday morning was a prefect Halloween morning, it was cool but not cold and a super heavy fog 
 I was able to go to both the kids parties and had so much fun.  They both were so excited when I walked in (running and squealing)... I'm so lucky to be their mom

 We only went to one house and it was our precious neighbor Mr. Stan, who will turn 93 this Christmas.  The kids are crazy about him
 Then we headed downtown and met Michael.  The town closed down main street and all the stores pass out candy.  It was so neat but within an hour there were way to many trick or treaters on one street, but still had so much fun.  I saw a man dressed up like bacon and Michael asked if I tried to take a bite... he knows me so well :)
 Sweet Caleb's only nap was in the car on the way downtown, so he was not feeling the dragon costume.  That night we went to the Harvest Carnival (it was a crazy busy day) and he did wear his hat for 5.5 seconds and I was able to get him to say "trick-r-treat"

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