Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's a Griswold Family...

Oh how excited we were for Saturday.  That morning some friends invited us over for a neighborhood breakfast and do you know that the northwest has NO idea what sausage balls are... I'm planning on taking over Walla Walla with this southern delicacy :)
After breakfast we headed to the Blue's.  I love the drive up there, it's nothing short of stunning
 There are some hills at the entrance to the ski resort and Michael and the kids went sledding
                                                     pure joy
 So then Michael decided to walk up higher and sled down by himself.  When he made he yelled down "this is real steep"  I yelled back "no it's not, you will be fine" -with a don't be a chicken tone...
 Well the hill was a bit steeper than I had thought... When he started my heart sank and I handled it by laughing, like the no sound coming out, can't breath laugh
 See that dark spot below him to the left, it's a rock and he hit it...

 and got airborne.  This was the last picture I took because by this time my bones were hurting I was laughing so hard.  He was completely fine and safe and no injuries.  And for a good 5 minutes we couldn't tend to the children because the laughing was UNCONTROLLABLE.  Oh man I love Michael.

We ate our picnic in the car because snow is really cold.  And then headed down to find our Christmas tree.  You can buy a permit and cut down a tree.  Well we had a pretty hard time finding a tree.  Almost all were damaged, then we came upon this beauty.  After all that we had seen this one was by far a diamond in the rough
Michael pulled out his saw and he carried it back to the car (1/2 mile walk)
 We were so excited and it was just so pretty...until we brought it in the house.  It is sad, like more sad than Charlie Brown's.  But the kids they love it, and we do too.  I feel very passionate about our tree and she has become a part of the family.  I think we should name her
 This was our first shot of it.  The kids had full control of the decorating.  Oh the memories :)

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