Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Week

Croup, fever and pink eye... oh my. Did I mention round two of pink eye?  I have yet to be touched by the rosy eye but poor Michael got it.  Everyone is on the upswing and praying December ends sickness free.  I think the south will do us good :)
On much brighter notes.  Sweet Savvy made this note for me.  I want to have it made into a t-shirt and wear it constantly when she is a teenager.
 I love the hallmark recordable books.  Mom made this one for them 2 years ago and it was an enormous hit this year
 We hands down met the best Salvation Army volunteer ever!  He is usually at Wal-mart at night and on top of being hilarious, kind and smiley (I love smiley people) He lets the kids ring his bell.

 Savvy is starting piano lessons in January and I found this beauty for $80.  Everyone is so excited.  I'm trying to teach myself a mumford and sons song and have gotten about 7 keys so far... score :)
Caleb was the door greeter for Savannah's school program.  He just waved to everyone who walked in
                                                My precious girl

                                                    Dad is a multitasker

 I brought them all home after the program because, surprise, surprise Savvy had pink eye

                          And lets end on Caleb's precious precious voice

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 We are back and well.  Poor Cohen was sick for 8 days, I would think he was getting better and then his fever would come up.  Glad to say he is so much better... oh and did I mention all the kids got pink eye during this 8 days?  It was a hard week, but I did love having all the kids home for some of it.

Last Friday, during the time I thought Cohen was better, we went to a friends house to decorate cookies.  She had a total of 13 kids squeezing icing and sprinkling sprinkles and it was wonderful.  We only left with one cookie because Savvy and Caleb ate everyone they made.

 I am so crazy about this goofy boy.  At least twice a day Michael or I will say "look at Caleb" and he is doing something that makes me do the belly laugh

 We got all the kids on the couch and then there was a knock on the door and SANTA came!  It was so exciting and the kids flipped out.  Santa brought all the kids a book, and the adults some cute Christmas socks.  Caleb did not trust Santa and wouldn't take the  present from him.  He just was looking at him saying no no no no.  I took the present and handed it to Caleb and he said no and threw it.  He still doesn't like the book :)
 She loved him and asked him what were some of the names of his elves.  She wants to be an elf so bad
                        I found Caleb sucking all of the red icing out of the bottle

So much fun and thank you Renee for opening your house :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Having trouble with the blog, it's not letting me download any pictures.  I'm trying to get it fixed without having to start paying a monthly due.... frustrating.  Hope to be back soon

Thursday, December 6, 2012


We were back to our normal routine but Cohen's cough is still just horrible, he sounds like he has been smoking for 60 years.  
Just one picture taken today, he was staring at himself in the mirror for a touch too long :)  He also walked in with a batman figurine and said "batman, hot mess"... I kept on asking him what he was saying but it was clear as day "hot mess".  This was cracking me - I knew he didn't mean hot mess, when it came to me.  He was saying "hulk mask"  anything with a mask becomes hulk.  Cohen has taught him well

After Savvy bug got home we headed over to the library to deliver some cookies.  Our librarians are incredible, they have put books on hold for us that they thought we would like and are always so kind to our family and everyone in the library.  Merry Christmas Walla Walla library!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This was our 3rd day of being home bound because of poor Cohen.  He had a fever last night, but when he woke up this morning he was 100%.  We go by the rule of fever/symptom free for 24 hours before they go back to school.  So today he was stir crazy, pulling down Caleb's pants, jumping all over me...Cohen is back.

I've never bought pomegranates before, they kind of intimidated me :)  I watched some video's on how to get the seeds out and the kids have gone crazy over them.  
 The sun came out in Walla Walla today, I had all of us sunbathing and soaking up our vitamin D
 We picked Savvy up from school and headed over to the Fire Department to share some cookies.
 When we got home we made a ginger bread house.  Caleb contributed by eating the candy, and he is on a sugar rush in this picture.
So Thankful Cohen is better and excited to get back into our normal routine

Monday, December 3, 2012


Little Cohen is sick, fever and cough.  We didn't do our act of kindness today just rested and he napped for the first time in years.  Praying he feels better tomorrow


So Michael is not one to jump on at all.  His style has not changed since middle school; flannels, jeans and boots that's him.  Don't try to sell him the latest and greatest whatever because he will pass.  But when he heard about No shave November a few years ago he jumped on board and never looked back.
 I was ready for December, he always looks cute but I was ready for the beard to be gone.  And Sunday morning he walked out like this...   No worries the mustache left this morning, but I'm sure will be reappearing for Mustache March, yes he likes it too
 I pulled out all of our Christmas books and got the kids the Veggie Tales Christmas DVDs

 and do you spot Nevalyn?  He forgot to move last night so I convinced the kids that someone must have accidentally touched him.
 For our kindness act today we brought our Sunday school teachers, helpers and directors cookies

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 1

What an amazing day I had!  My man knows how to celebrate and I couldn't have asked for a more exciting day.  It started with breakfast in bed, then off to get a pedicure with some friends.  
We have a goal of doing an act of kindness everyday for the month of December.  I knew today was going to be jam packed so I gave the guy who did my pedicure a Starbucks and a nice tip
We then headed to my  favorite sandwich shop and met 3 more friends for lunch.

 Then headed home to watch the SEC Championship game.  Michael had Caleb down for a nap and let the kids watch a movie on the computer so it was just us two watching the first half of the game
                                It's upside down but 31 looks yummy to me
 Our Christmas parade was that night so we watched it and then the babysitter (and her parents) took the kids home and Michael and I went and had a wonderful dinner

  Another year with a million reasons to praise God.  My heart is so full with love and  gratitude

Friday, November 30, 2012

November Wrap-up

So excited that tomorrow is December.  If someone could explode with incredible things going on in one month it will be me.  Birthday, Ultrasound, coming home for Christmas, Gender reveal party, Christmas and our 10 year wedding anniversary. It's going to be crazy wonderful.
 Before I go to bed I always go in and check on the kids.  I kissed Savvy first and grabbed my phone because her sleeping in her glove was cracking me up.
 Then I went to Cohen's bed.  The next morning Cohen explained the reason's for wearing the gloves, something on the lines of glove power...
                                             Gingerbread PB&J's
 Cohen had his Thanksgiving program and it was adorable.  Him and Savannah are totally opposite when it comes to performing.  She want's us in the back and we can smile at her but not to big where we show our teeth..... that's a direct quote.  Then Cohen wants us in the front row cheering him on.

                                    Cohen had to get his shots, it wasn't fun
 And I believe that Savannah might have her first crush....might.  This was just out of the blue, Michael asked her why they were holding a heart and she shrugged her shoulders and said "i don't know".  She makes me smile
 We did a few days of Thankful leaves this month.  The kids would pick out a leaf and then we would write what we were Thankful for.  Funny note; Cohen's first leaf he wrote dad, then the next day he asked me if I could take down his leaf because he asked Michael to get him some water before bed and he didn't.  I'm sure Michael forgot and we left his leaf up
 Baby is starting to pop out!  And I'm really starting to feel the baby move, it's a bizarre feeling to know(Lord and vasectomy willing) that this will be the last time I will feel the early movements of a baby.  Happy and sad