Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Week

Croup, fever and pink eye... oh my. Did I mention round two of pink eye?  I have yet to be touched by the rosy eye but poor Michael got it.  Everyone is on the upswing and praying December ends sickness free.  I think the south will do us good :)
On much brighter notes.  Sweet Savvy made this note for me.  I want to have it made into a t-shirt and wear it constantly when she is a teenager.
 I love the hallmark recordable books.  Mom made this one for them 2 years ago and it was an enormous hit this year
 We hands down met the best Salvation Army volunteer ever!  He is usually at Wal-mart at night and on top of being hilarious, kind and smiley (I love smiley people) He lets the kids ring his bell.

 Savvy is starting piano lessons in January and I found this beauty for $80.  Everyone is so excited.  I'm trying to teach myself a mumford and sons song and have gotten about 7 keys so far... score :)
Caleb was the door greeter for Savannah's school program.  He just waved to everyone who walked in
                                                My precious girl

                                                    Dad is a multitasker

 I brought them all home after the program because, surprise, surprise Savvy had pink eye

                          And lets end on Caleb's precious precious voice

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