Monday, January 7, 2013


The end of December was nothing short of craziness, wonderful but crazy.  Sickness, travel, ultrasound, anniversary and the list goes on.  I'm going to start where it ended, in Walla Walla.

Savvy wants the baby to be a girl so bad that it has become an everyday topic at our house.  I always wanted a sister so I can relate, but her little heart desires with all she has for a little sister.  She made this bracelet for the baby and said that "pink is for sister and purple is for love".... oh she melts my heart

They love their daddy
Santa visited before we left and brought Savvy a desk, Cohen a bike and Caleb a parking garage (lol).   Santa must have gotten the boys confused because Cohen loved Calebs and Caleb loved the bike.  Everyone was happy


 The next day we took down the tree and the kids got baggies to collect the fallen needles.  They then decided it was more fun to wear the bags.... I love their strangeness
We woke up at 3:00 am to catch our flight to Memphis.  The kids are such amazing travelers and did great there and back.  This guy slept Denver to Memphis

 My mom was picking us up from the airport but when we were going down the escalator to baggage claim I saw the legs of a man holding a sign that said "Clay party of 5 1/2".  I thought it was my dad and Savvy started walking down the escalator to get him when we saw that it was Chuck... my moms friends husband.  We then got flash mobbed to the song "walking in Memphis".  It was all our friends from medtronic and chickflia, cupcakes, barbecue and movies were involved.  Then my parents and Michael's mom came out.  It was amazing and had me crying the whole time.  It's on video and I will post it once I figure it out.

We then headed over to my dads and had all of our friends and family over to find out if the baby was a boy or girl.  Mom had mustaches if you thought it was a boy and bows if you thought it was a girl.  She had a game we were going to play to find out but she said we couldn't do it because almost EVERYONE thought it was a girl.

There are no words in the universe to describe how much I love my M.A.

 Mom gave me a pandora bracelet last year with charms for the kids and got a new one to add on... and it's a ....
We are so over the moon excited to have another little girl in our family.  I'm still so giddy about it

Saturday we went to my grandmothers and we took some awkward family pictures.  Savannah was so into it.  Reason one million and one why I love her

                                                 We played and played with cousins

We packed very light and poor Caleb payed the price.  This night  both of his PJ's were in the wash and  the only thing we had was sisters shirt.  He rocked it!

                                                       We danced on tables
                                                   We loved on uncle Blake

This is Savvy's best friend.  They did preschool and Kindergarden together and we love her.  They are so sweet to each other, and a year didn't change anything between them


We celebrated our 10 year anniversary on the 28th.  It was an amazing day, lunch, movie, dinner, hotel.  I would marry him again and again.

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