Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We finally got a little bit of snow!  This winter has been... dark, rainy and cold.  The snow had us doing the happy dance

 I found an idea for ice marbles on pintrest and they turned out pretty but were messy to make.  I originally had Cohen in charge of the food coloring... hence the messy

He is pretending to be a frog here and squeezing his balloon while saying "ribbit ribbit"

                                      On Saturday we went to the tri-cities
Norah is growing!  I'm 22 weeks now, she weighs a pound and moves around like crazy.
                                                       Savvy felt her move on Sunday
 I wish I could save all the questions I ask google.  Yesterday was how to get Flarp out of clothes.  Hot water, borax and vinegar did the trick
 Today by 11 Caleb and I were worn out.  We laid on the floor and stared at each other... true story

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