Friday, May 29, 2015


I thought the kids were asleep and then I heard belly laughing from the boys, like having a hard time breathing belly laughing.  And they came into the kitchen like this.  It's not even funny but still as I'm typing this I'm laughing remembering how funny they thought the dolphin pillow pet on Caleb's head was.  I love my boys
 The younger three made a space ship out of Styrofoam and paper towel rolls
 We went and applied for our passports… and had to wait for over an hour… but we got everything sent off and Michael and I had to raise our right hands and claim that all 4 were our children, I wasn't prepared to get weepy, but I did :)

                                Have I mentioned his strong sense of style

Monday, May 18, 2015


Look at this precious girl!  My mom made this dress for me when I was Norah's age… Love everything about it :)
 We visited MA and CJ before Easter and went to the Church's egg hunt.  I love all the things their church puts on for kids.  We always feel so welcome, always free food, always so much fun

                                         Savvy and Cohen won the egg toss!

 Easter morning I called everyone out to get pictures and this is how my Norah came out.  Savvy, Caleb and Norah all have a strong style :) and are very particular about they want to wear.  Cohen could care less… he will put on clothes two sizes too small by accident and have no idea

Monday, May 11, 2015

Safari Park

We visited the Safari Park with the Beckhams and mimi.  It was fun and absolutely terrifying:)  The animals run up to the car and literally stick their heads in your car to eat.  We got all the kids a bowl of feed and they loved it.  Norah was not scared at all and I was pulling her back in the car several times.

 The ostriches are what scared maggie (and me).  Their necks are so long you couldn't get away from them and they were messy messy eaters.  A greedy ostrich was trying to eat and Mags started yelling then Caleb protected her :)


We all love our zoo!  Over spring break we went one morning then met Michael for lunch

                    Look how Savvy is smiling at Norah, she loves her so much

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cohen's Stubborn Tooth

Cohen gets his Yellow Belt

Cohen started karate in January and he just had his first belt test 

he had a little nose itch

                      He got his yellow belt and he (and all of us) are so proud :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Snow

The snow wouldn't stop and we soaked it up.  We…michael... made 2 igloos, 2 snowmen and 2 thrones

                         We did have to come in eventually and still had fun
 I called my aunt and got my great grandmothers chicken and dumpling recipe and it was amazing
  The kids made their own dessert that ended up tasting like flour and had the texture of flan
Then things just got really weird :)  Norah was having a fussy day so I tried to put her in this carrier and she liked it.  But then when I took her out Savvy wanted in it and it actually held her up… hilarious