Monday, December 18, 2017

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The rehearsal dinner!

Baby Drew is getting married!!  We have loved cass cass from the beginning, so we were all ecstatic for this weekend!
We arrived in Nashville Thursday night. Friday the girls had a spa morning (yes!) and that afternoon headed to Arrington then to Mantra for dinner. 
Kids LOVE hotels and have to explore every nook and cranny 

We attempted selfies... and could not master!  Love our Bevvy 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


The kids school had a decades day at school. Savvy of course chose the 80s and used Aunt apeies old clothes and crimping iron. The boys chose the 50s

And then the Halloween festivities started. The school had trunk or treat 

Carving pumpkins 
We went to the butlers Halloween night and the kids got way way too much candy... success

Cohens 10!

I blinked and he’s 10!  Cohen you are my honest, brilliant, dependable, insane dancing boy and I’m so proud of you. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bon Lin 5K

The kids school held the first annual 5k.  I️ wasnt expecting much, Savvy didn’t want to go. But let me tell you it was amazing!  It was the perfect race for a family, gift bags, free pizza, we won a gift card!  We had a blast. Cohen ran the entire race and beat all of us by 15 minutes!  Savvy, Caleb and I️ stayed together until the end then Savvy took off. Caleb fell right when we saw the finish line. It was so sad, but we dusted it off and he finished the race. 

Beach 2017!

Another successful beach trip for the books!  We have the process down pat now. 
Wake up, breakfast, cartoon, Michael starts making lunch and gets the cooler stocked.  My job is getting the kids beach ready (sunblock and beach bag packed). Then we hit the door and don’t look back. We love the beach. 
We missed one day because of Hurrican Nate but it brought in the most shells we have ever had. We found beautiful ones 

Birthday babies. Savvy planned a surprise party for them

Mom, candice, her dad and the lone Alabama fan went to the game Saturday night.  Such a great time... for me. Ha!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Weeds and a Van

Precious Norah Jane, she loves picking me “flowers”
They are trying really hard to be friends 

After a year of me fighting Michael (and my mom). I folded and we got a new van. 
Michael asked me to go test drive one, I did and whatever... it was nice but ugh they are so expensive. So I left and driving home became furious.. it takes a lot to get me mad and I was seething. I think I was even talking out loud, alone in my trusty old van. Why was no one listening to me, I didn’t want a car payment, our van was fine, I decided I’m going to have to be mean, put my foot down AND WE ARE NOT GETTING another van, I was steaming. And right then and there.... my transmission light starts blinking
It was God, I felt seen, and directed and cared about. It was time... and when I told Michael and mom what happend... whatever 😉


Mom and I went to Bruno Mars. Mind blown. He was amazing. We decided we will be at his show every time he comes back
Norah Jane, JR and the crocodile