Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This and That

Cohen is still going strong with hockey.  It's like therapy for me to go watch him, I laugh the entire time...like i'm slapping my knee several times type of laughing.  It is so fun 

A local farm had a Hoe down.  We carved pumpkins, made our own apple cider, carriage rides and then a pot luck dinner
                          Cohen still likes to point with his middle finger
                                           Norahs first pony tail
 He lost his first tooth!  Fun note, a week before it came out I was tucking him into bed and fluffing his pillow when something stabbed me.  It was a shark tooth.  He said he was trying to see if he could get the tooth fairy to come early :)  I pulled Savannah's first tooth, so I was dead set on pulling his first.  We came to the agreement that I would try to pull it out every night.  I forgot one night so the next morning I tried and the thing was literally hanging by a thread..it was bleeding, hanging sideways, it was practically out and he WOULD not let me pull it again.  I knew if I didn't get it he would loose it at school so I told him that I was getting Caleb dressed and then coming back to pull it out... I.WAS.GETTING.THAT.TOOTH.  Well I walked out of the bathroom and then peeked back in to see him pulling it down.  I literally moved like a ninja and jumped beside him and knocked his hand down, which caused the tooth to fly up above his head and into the sink.  I started singing I got it, I got it and looked over to Savannah's mouth wide open and Cohen's eyes as big as saucers.  I'm pretty sure it's because they have never seen me move with such gladiator like skills.
                                             pretty pumpkin princess
adorable, she is just adorable
 Caleb tried on Norah's halloween costume and loved it, he wanted to leave the house with it on
 My savvy.  Im just crazy about her.  Its unbelievable how well she is reading now and how much she loves it.  She reads at least one book a day and loves taking accelerated reader tests.  She gets a packet of homework every Monday that is due on Friday.  She finishes it all on Monday night because she just loves it, is it so much to ask that all of the kids will always love school work?

Monday, October 28, 2013


My Cohen is 6!  He is funny and smart and witty and loves and stubborn:)  We gave him the choice to have a party or we could do whatever he wanted on his birthday and he chose to stay in Walla Walla and go to the arcade, Petco and have sushi for dinner.  He is so much fun and hands down we had more fun than a party.
He also asked for breakfast in bed.  Michael went out and surprised us with doughnuts
 He opened presents and got spy stuff, remote control helicopter, rock tumbler, edible spider eggs, snot and wax... all totally up his alley

 Cohen has wanted a lizard for over a year but we told him he had to hold one first.  He has had several unsuccessful attempts but ugh.... he held it and ugh...... we have a pet lizard ugh....... He named him Gripper Blake Clay.  Not excited about having a reptile in the house but he doesn't know that, and even over the grossness of it, I'm proud of him for holding it
                       We then headed over to the arcade and had so much fun!

 He saw a picture of a birthday cake made out of pepperidge farm pirouette's and said "are you thinking what I'm thinking"  He cracks me up constantly and to be honest the cake looked horrible.  The back had no pirouettes and the picture made it look 100x better than it actually was.  But Cohen told me over and over how much he loved his cake... I LOVE him
                    Happy Birthday my precious boy.  I love you so very much

Saturday, October 26, 2013

C.J. & Mae

We got 2 days with Mom and M.A. or aunt Mae as the kids call her :)  They were supposed to fly into WW Saturday night but there plane hit a bird which delayed them, but they were able get to Pasco Saturday night.  Michael picked them up and on the way home they hit a deer on the highway.  PRAISE GOD no one was hurt, minus the deer and van.  They deserved a trophy for this trip.
 Sunday mom took Cohen to pick out birthday presents and then took all 3 to the movies.  Michael cooked us a yummy dinner and then on Monday we just hung out all day then went out to eat that night.  The only picture I have of the visit is this one.  Look how happy his little face is, I think he needed skin on skin time with her.  If there is a word stronger than adore that is what he feels for C.J.  Michael took them to the airport Monday morning at 5:15 and Caleb woke up and went with them.  Their visit went by way to fast but excited to see them again for Christmas.

Monday, October 21, 2013


We got all of the Beckham's to visit this year!  They flew in on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday.
Thursday Michael and Patrick took the older kids to the mountains to have a picnic, they also got to see snow :)
While they were gone April, Norah and I rested :)  Then we made snacks and a halloween craft for everyone to do when they got back
 Friday we went to the pumpkin patch, then headed downtown for Candy at Brights and root beer at Michaels favorite spot

Saturday we had a lazy day and watched football and then everyone carved pumpkins.

We used the pumpkin carving kits and they worked so well.  We let the kids watch Casper (which had horrible language, why do all the movies from the 80's and 90's cuss...rant, rant, rant!!!) then we lit the pumpkins and loved how they turned out

Sunday we said our goodbyes.  It went by so fast and we had so so much fun.  The kids all love each other so much and we all are counting down the days until Christmas

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sports Time

If this is not the cutest thing I've ever seen...
We had to get to practice 20 minutes early just to put on all the gear.  He absolutely loves it and Michael and I love it, possibly because we know nothing about it.  Ice hockey isn't a southern thing :)

 This is his first time on the ice.  His coach threw them all out there and told the parents he was locking the door so they couldn't get out and we couldn't get in..ha.  He never gave up.  He fell and fell and fell.  But got up every single time.  Watching him was funny and sad and precious.   I thought I was going to have to give him an epsom bath when we got home because he was going to be so sore.  But when he got in the car he asked if he could go again tomorrow and wasn't sore one bit...the padding worked:)
Savvy bug wanted to try ballet again.  She did it when she was 3 and really didn't like it for some reason.  But the second go has been so much fun (probably because she has friends from school in her class)

              I love watching her, she can be shy and confident all in the same pliè

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Goodbye September

 Since the beach we have
                                       been to the pediatrician 5 times
                                             had fever
and lets just throw in an allergic reaction
 I have thrown in my white flag...multiple times :)  Praise God we have all survived and for a husband who doesn't leave me alone in the trenches.  Have I ever said how much I love Michael :)

We were at the Dr. office when Norah had this reaction, after getting swabbed for RSV.  It was scary but 40 minutes after Benadryl she had no symptoms.  We have no idea why it happened, but I do know it's going to have to be some kind of critical for me to let her get swabbed again.

Savvy and Cohen have been wonderful.  They both are loving school.  Cohen has surprised and made me so proud.  I just knew he would have a hard time because he is such a homebody, but he loves everything about kindergarden.  

They walk in together and hold hands.  She walks him to his playground then heads to her playground.  At least twice a week I secretly go park and watch them and it gets me...every single time.  Seeing them laughing, running and playing with friends, oh it makes my momma heart so happy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beach, round 20 something

I know Heaven will have roads and a river and trees... but I just wonder if God hasn't told us yet about the beach he has put right on the edge of town :) I love the beach and with every passing year I love it more.
We had a horrendous time getting there this year...flights cancelled, me crying begging for my boarding pass, running with Norah on the tarmac.  I don't want to revisit the details but it was exhausting.  The kids on the other hand are INCREDIBLE travelers, not only are the amazing their super fun :)

Her hand say's "i love you CJ"

 Caleb is like CJ's little puppy.  He follows her everywhere and just adores her

 The blue angels practiced several days right in front of us.  It was amazing how loud and fast and close and high they get those planes.  I think the adults loved it even more than the kids
                                Savannah gave pedicures, Uncle Doc chose lime green
 M.A. and mom sat with us for over an hour at the airport.  We had problems with our boarding passes again.  No complaints we got extra time with them :)  I love my family and this year is the first time in a long time that both my brothers were able to make it.  The kids just love them, uncles are pretty cool and their girlfriends are even cooler :)