Monday, October 28, 2013


My Cohen is 6!  He is funny and smart and witty and loves and stubborn:)  We gave him the choice to have a party or we could do whatever he wanted on his birthday and he chose to stay in Walla Walla and go to the arcade, Petco and have sushi for dinner.  He is so much fun and hands down we had more fun than a party.
He also asked for breakfast in bed.  Michael went out and surprised us with doughnuts
 He opened presents and got spy stuff, remote control helicopter, rock tumbler, edible spider eggs, snot and wax... all totally up his alley

 Cohen has wanted a lizard for over a year but we told him he had to hold one first.  He has had several unsuccessful attempts but ugh.... he held it and ugh...... we have a pet lizard ugh....... He named him Gripper Blake Clay.  Not excited about having a reptile in the house but he doesn't know that, and even over the grossness of it, I'm proud of him for holding it
                       We then headed over to the arcade and had so much fun!

 He saw a picture of a birthday cake made out of pepperidge farm pirouette's and said "are you thinking what I'm thinking"  He cracks me up constantly and to be honest the cake looked horrible.  The back had no pirouettes and the picture made it look 100x better than it actually was.  But Cohen told me over and over how much he loved his cake... I LOVE him
                    Happy Birthday my precious boy.  I love you so very much

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