Saturday, October 26, 2013

C.J. & Mae

We got 2 days with Mom and M.A. or aunt Mae as the kids call her :)  They were supposed to fly into WW Saturday night but there plane hit a bird which delayed them, but they were able get to Pasco Saturday night.  Michael picked them up and on the way home they hit a deer on the highway.  PRAISE GOD no one was hurt, minus the deer and van.  They deserved a trophy for this trip.
 Sunday mom took Cohen to pick out birthday presents and then took all 3 to the movies.  Michael cooked us a yummy dinner and then on Monday we just hung out all day then went out to eat that night.  The only picture I have of the visit is this one.  Look how happy his little face is, I think he needed skin on skin time with her.  If there is a word stronger than adore that is what he feels for C.J.  Michael took them to the airport Monday morning at 5:15 and Caleb woke up and went with them.  Their visit went by way to fast but excited to see them again for Christmas.

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