Saturday, November 22, 2014

Schools Back

Well actually the kids have been in school for 4 months but I'm just now blogging about it.  I'm on a mission to get updated.  The kids were excited to be going back but I was a tad sad.  I miss them a lot when their gone, when I was driving them to school I thought "I'm going to blink and they will be in college" and got all misty eyed and then Savannah said "mom are you crying?"  and I was like "no something must be in my eye"  She didn't fall for it:)  But I miss them already and they are here with me now… I'm going to be a mess when their not in my house
Savvy got Mrs. Lash who has been nothing short of amazing.  She keeps me updated on all thats going on in the class and most importantly she loves Savvy and Savvy loves her
Cohen got Mrs. Eakin, thats who Savvy had last year and believe it or not, she is amazing too.  We really lucked out this year:)  I LOVE great teachers.

 Then my baby Caleb started pre-school.  He was hard for me to send off, I think because we were together so much in Walla Walla.  I was a bit worried on how little bear would do in school.   He loves it, probably more than the other two did and is doing great.  After his first day we went and got a doughnut and EVERYDAY since when I pick him up he asks if we can have one.  We usually will get one once a week.  The first time I went I ordered a glazed (Caleb), chocolate (me) and a doughnut hole (Norah).  And the lady said "you just want 1 doughnut hole?" And I said yes its for the baby.  When we got home there were 2 doughnut holes in the bag.  And if she's at the counter I always end up with 2 holes :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fa Love Pa

So did you know there is a movie where a dolphin talks and at the heart wrenching end, the dolphin(Fa) looks in his trainers eyes (Pa) and says "Fa love Pa".  Well I didn't either and Mom enlightened all of us on this blockbuster hit and it became the anthem of our beach trip.  When someone said something funny they would end it with "Fa love Pa" When someone told a sad story, someone from another room would yell "Fa love Pa".  In the off chance there was silence on the beach it would be broken with "Fa love Pa".  It still is cracking me up thinking about it, I love our beach trips!
Mom got Savvy a mermaid tale and she wore it 75% of the time.  She mastered swimming in the pool with it.  (She's reading a mermaid book)  I LOVE HER
Cohen's skin is amazing and he tans the best of the family.  I can have 100 spf on him and clothes and he still gets so brown
Norah!!!  She's wearing Savvy's first bathing suit, my heart can't handle this picture
My very own sea turtle
Speaking of sea turtles there were 2 nests super close to our house this year.  We all went down for the watch party.  The organization watching the nest handed out goodies to the kids and gave everyone red tape to put over you flashlights.  It was really neat and exciting.  Well the nest that no one was watching was the one that hatched… go figure :)  Several made it to the ocean but the lights from the houses made some of the turtles go the wrong way.
Mom got all the girls these amazing caftans.  When she told me she was getting them I said whats a caftan?  She said its like a moo moos.  How have I heard of moo moo's and not caftans :)  It was love at first sight for everyone involved, they were worn all day, especially after lunch:)  I'm sure I saw envy across the beach as we would parade down everyday.
As always such a fun and amazing trip.  The kids are such fantastic travelers but when we had about an hour left to go they started getting delirious and pulling out all kinds of things from the back of the van. I noticed it was quiet and found the boys like this.

  Already can't wait for next year.  Family and Beach is an unbeatable combination

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Savvy is 8

We had Savannah's birthday at the bowling alley this year per her request and it was so much fun (and so very easy for Michael and I).  They played an hour of bowling then got tokens to play in the arcade.
           God love Caleb and his bad hair cuts, both the boys just have really hard hair to cut
I really really love her

                      I wish I could remember what was going on here

         Savvy's best friend Paige, they are so opposite, and both so sweet and just perfect for each other

Savvy and Maddie

             Happy Birthday my sweet beautiful girl.  You are absolutely amazing

Monday, November 3, 2014


Our Summer was relaxing and busy and went by way to fast.  We did a whole lot of swimming
                                    Re-familiarized ourselves with the zoo

Michael had to work in Nashville and we tagged along.  We spent the weekend with Patrick and Maggie in Murfreesboro.
  And spent a day with Drew, I LOVE this picture, I cannot remember what happened to Caleb's hair but he just looks so proud

                          I found our old Kayla board and taught the kids
                                                They are crazy about each other
         Savannah plays teacher  It's her outlet and her passion.  The playroom closet is all hers, she has her desk and pens, paper, books, broken computer, white board…I could go on and on.  I will sit outside the closet door and listen to her, she is just magical

     Caleb has turned into the ladies man.  Addie told her mom she was going to marry Caleb so she could kiss him!!!  I must say he is pretty kissable :)

 Norah loves the water, so much so that it scares me to death.  She hates all floats and wants to run around the pool and jump in and is perfectly content having me chase her around
Caleb told me one morning that he saw eyes in our toy box, I looked out, didn't see anything and brushed it off.  Later he told me he saw it again and I ignored him and sent everyone outside to play, and all of us were getting toys in and out of the box.  When we were going back inside Caleb mentioned the eyes again, so I went over and started pulling out all of the toys (it was full) AND THERE IT WAS.  An opossum.  I flipped out and started screaming for the kids to get in the house and locked the doors.  Michael set it free that night….ugh…ugh