Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fa Love Pa

So did you know there is a movie where a dolphin talks and at the heart wrenching end, the dolphin(Fa) looks in his trainers eyes (Pa) and says "Fa love Pa".  Well I didn't either and Mom enlightened all of us on this blockbuster hit and it became the anthem of our beach trip.  When someone said something funny they would end it with "Fa love Pa" When someone told a sad story, someone from another room would yell "Fa love Pa".  In the off chance there was silence on the beach it would be broken with "Fa love Pa".  It still is cracking me up thinking about it, I love our beach trips!
Mom got Savvy a mermaid tale and she wore it 75% of the time.  She mastered swimming in the pool with it.  (She's reading a mermaid book)  I LOVE HER
Cohen's skin is amazing and he tans the best of the family.  I can have 100 spf on him and clothes and he still gets so brown
Norah!!!  She's wearing Savvy's first bathing suit, my heart can't handle this picture
My very own sea turtle
Speaking of sea turtles there were 2 nests super close to our house this year.  We all went down for the watch party.  The organization watching the nest handed out goodies to the kids and gave everyone red tape to put over you flashlights.  It was really neat and exciting.  Well the nest that no one was watching was the one that hatched… go figure :)  Several made it to the ocean but the lights from the houses made some of the turtles go the wrong way.
Mom got all the girls these amazing caftans.  When she told me she was getting them I said whats a caftan?  She said its like a moo moos.  How have I heard of moo moo's and not caftans :)  It was love at first sight for everyone involved, they were worn all day, especially after lunch:)  I'm sure I saw envy across the beach as we would parade down everyday.
As always such a fun and amazing trip.  The kids are such fantastic travelers but when we had about an hour left to go they started getting delirious and pulling out all kinds of things from the back of the van. I noticed it was quiet and found the boys like this.

  Already can't wait for next year.  Family and Beach is an unbeatable combination

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