Saturday, November 22, 2014

Schools Back

Well actually the kids have been in school for 4 months but I'm just now blogging about it.  I'm on a mission to get updated.  The kids were excited to be going back but I was a tad sad.  I miss them a lot when their gone, when I was driving them to school I thought "I'm going to blink and they will be in college" and got all misty eyed and then Savannah said "mom are you crying?"  and I was like "no something must be in my eye"  She didn't fall for it:)  But I miss them already and they are here with me now… I'm going to be a mess when their not in my house
Savvy got Mrs. Lash who has been nothing short of amazing.  She keeps me updated on all thats going on in the class and most importantly she loves Savvy and Savvy loves her
Cohen got Mrs. Eakin, thats who Savvy had last year and believe it or not, she is amazing too.  We really lucked out this year:)  I LOVE great teachers.

 Then my baby Caleb started pre-school.  He was hard for me to send off, I think because we were together so much in Walla Walla.  I was a bit worried on how little bear would do in school.   He loves it, probably more than the other two did and is doing great.  After his first day we went and got a doughnut and EVERYDAY since when I pick him up he asks if we can have one.  We usually will get one once a week.  The first time I went I ordered a glazed (Caleb), chocolate (me) and a doughnut hole (Norah).  And the lady said "you just want 1 doughnut hole?" And I said yes its for the baby.  When we got home there were 2 doughnut holes in the bag.  And if she's at the counter I always end up with 2 holes :)

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