Monday, November 3, 2014


Our Summer was relaxing and busy and went by way to fast.  We did a whole lot of swimming
                                    Re-familiarized ourselves with the zoo

Michael had to work in Nashville and we tagged along.  We spent the weekend with Patrick and Maggie in Murfreesboro.
  And spent a day with Drew, I LOVE this picture, I cannot remember what happened to Caleb's hair but he just looks so proud

                          I found our old Kayla board and taught the kids
                                                They are crazy about each other
         Savannah plays teacher  It's her outlet and her passion.  The playroom closet is all hers, she has her desk and pens, paper, books, broken computer, white board…I could go on and on.  I will sit outside the closet door and listen to her, she is just magical

     Caleb has turned into the ladies man.  Addie told her mom she was going to marry Caleb so she could kiss him!!!  I must say he is pretty kissable :)

 Norah loves the water, so much so that it scares me to death.  She hates all floats and wants to run around the pool and jump in and is perfectly content having me chase her around
Caleb told me one morning that he saw eyes in our toy box, I looked out, didn't see anything and brushed it off.  Later he told me he saw it again and I ignored him and sent everyone outside to play, and all of us were getting toys in and out of the box.  When we were going back inside Caleb mentioned the eyes again, so I went over and started pulling out all of the toys (it was full) AND THERE IT WAS.  An opossum.  I flipped out and started screaming for the kids to get in the house and locked the doors.  Michael set it free that night….ugh…ugh

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  1. LOL I love the way you blog! Your pictures always make me smile and there is always a funny story! I miss you guys! LOL I would had FREAKED by te way if I saw those eyes! AHH