Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We had Cohen's birthday party at Priddy Farms, it is a pumpkin patch in Bartlett. The kids got to do a hay ride back to the patch and then pick their very own pumpkin. My wonderful mom made all the kids their own pumpkin cake to eat after all that hard work! The kids had a blast! Mommy and daddy had a great time too.ChloeJacksonBrooksThe ButlersThe McDanielsPresleyOliveCohen decided this was a much more efficient way to eat cakeErica, Candice, me and CandiceThe only picture we have of everyoneOur only attempt at a family pictureMichael is crazy about his girl!Riding on the train! They were really good, I was scared to death one was going to push the other out :0)Pumpkin cakes, thanks mom, Cohen requested choclick cakeLook what I got mom! This wasn't the patch, just pumpkins up front for "easy picken"

Other exciting news today. Our good friends the Stewarts are adopting precious Nolen from Russia. They have been there since October 5 and won't be back until November 7th. Today Nolen is officially theirs, PRAISE GOD!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best and Worst day

Lets start with why it is the best... it is the best because on this day two years ago my precious baby boy was born. Cohen has brought so much joy into our lives. Within minutes after he was born I could tell he had a "sweet" spirit. He is a cuddle bug of champions! He will nuzzle into your neck and stay there until you pull him away. I am so so so thankful that God has given Cohen to me. I pray that he has a life filled with joy, love and laughter... I love you Cohen

And now why it was the worst... from the moment we woke up today the kids were in bad moods. I was trying to get breakfast ready, but wasn't doing it fast enough for the kids so they had tears galore before 8:00. After breakfast I got the kids ready for school and me ready for work ( I work on Thursdays while the kids are at school). Got the kids sent off and headed to work. Work was fine, I just had a good bit to catch up on from being on vacation and felt like I needed to be there for another 10 hours. Left work and on my way to pick up the kids, Michael calls and our car is broke and he needs me to go get money out to pay the mechanic and pick up the keys to the car,(stress is starting because I need to get home to make Cohen's birthday cake because grandparents are coming over for cake tonight). Get to school and go into Savannah's room and say Savvy did you have a good day and hear silence from her teachers. I look over to the star board (they are up high if they have had a good day and down low if they have been bad) Savannah is on the very very very bottom. I ask her teachers what happened and they said she had a really, really hard time listening today and......she tried to bite another little girl!!! I was shocked, she has always been so good. I ask her to apologize to her teachers for not obeying and she throws a tantrum. I put her in time out, 2 minutes later, I get her and ask her to apologize she walks to her teachers and yells NO and falls on the ground and throws a fit. I AM SO EMBARRASSED. I put her back in time out, 2 minutes later, bring her back to her teachers same thing but more drama and even louder. She is screaming at the top of her lungs now. I tell her she will either apologize or get a spanking. Long story short, I spanked her twice and then she gave the most pitiful apology I have ever heard. So we leave I'm on the verge of tears. Go get the keys and head home to make the cake. The kids are in such bad moods and screaming while I'm trying to make the cake. Get the cake made and iced and Savvy has to go potty. Take her potty and come to the kitchen to find Cohen on the counter with a spoon eating the cake. I just laughed, what else could I do??? I got Cohen cleaned, attempted to fix the cake, got dinner ready for the kids and went to check the mail. Guess what was in the mail.... I have been summoned for federal jury duty. I stopped everything and prayed, I was really on the verge of an anxiety attack. The rest of the night went well. After everything all I know is that I have a savior who loves me and knows exactly what He is doing. Thank you Jesus that you are always here.
Waffles with a candle for breakfast
This was his birthday hat he got at schoolCohen getting into his cake an hour early

Attempting and failing on trying to make the cake look presentable :0)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We went to Disney World with Michael's sister, her husband and their little boy Patrick. We had the BEST time. Character dinners, meeting princesses, rides, parades, fireworks, we did it all! The kids did great, everyone had a "come apart" at least once a day, but I really expected that. We woke up at 6:30 every morning and the earliest we got back was 9:00. Sunday was Savannah's day, we had breakfast at Cinderella's castle then she had a princess makeover by her fairy godmother. She was dressed in her Ariel costume and was able to meet Ariel twice. That night I was putting on her Ariel P.J.'s and I said Savannah you have had an Ariel day, she looked me and said " a dream come true"
Cohen giving kisses
This is the step mother from Cinderella. She walked up to Savannah and said "Well hello little fish girl" and walked off. Savannah looked so confused!
Sweet girl He loved his bear face! Savvy and Aunt April!

Hugs good-bye to Fairy godmother Sue

Almost done with the princess makeover! Fairy godmother Sue. She was AMAZING and adored Savvy
Savannah asking Ariel "where's Flounder?"
Bell was so sweet Jasmine teaching Savvy how to be sassy.

Princess Ariel!!!

Had one too many... he was in a sugar coma, he drank Michaels chocolate shake...all of it

Still sleeping...

back and ready to go! This was at Animal Kingdom, they loved it!

Watching fireworks. Precious!
Sweet baby Mason, Savvy loved him

I think this was the Dumbo ride

Savannah's best friend Julianna came down Friday, they were so excited to see each other. They are moving to Hawaii in December.

Patrick, Savannah and Julianna

Savannah hugged all the characters

I love this pic! They really do love each other