Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good night

I LOVE bedtime at our house. The kids seem to get this second wind that is always expressed in creativity and dancing... i.e. grocery bags as capes and pillow covers as turtle shells. Night time is also when the kids will open up to me the most (because they know when I leave the room they have to go to bed). I will lay in each of their beds for only 5-10 minutes but I hear secrets, silliness, questions, worries and everything in between. These moments are my most favorite of the day.

To the untrained eye this might look like Caleb has turned into a vampire, but no worries... my boy has started kissing

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Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Gone

Savvy has been asking all summer to get her hair cut. I've been dragging my feet because, well because she's my baby and this would be her first real haircut. I bit the bullet and took her to my hair stylist. And of course she wore a shirt that showed her bra and stomach and Savannah was fascinated. Try explaining modesty to your daughter in front of the culprit!

Look how excited she is. My camera died as soon as we went inside but I'm SO thankful that I got the before shots.

And here she is! After she had it done I was telling everyone she looked so old. Probably after the 100th time I said it she said "stop saying that momma that is mean". When did old become mean? So now she doesn't look old she is my big girl.

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I'll have two helpings of him

I LOVE this boy! Savannah dressed him, yes we are in the dead of summer and he is in a cardigan and pants. I think it was 103 outside and he wore this all afternoon. He does NOT like me to take his picture, it usually turns into a game of chase with me bribing him with a cookie. But on the rare occasion he will stand still and I catch something like this.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


AHHHH!!! I went to see Celine Dion! My wonderful, amazing, fantastic mom bought me two tickets to Celine's show for Christmas. My friend April is a crazy fan like me and we decided we would conquer Vegas ourselves. We left Friday and left the kids at home with dad. Oh have a mentioned how wonderful, amazing and fantastic my husband is too:)

We had the best time, ate fantastic food and did some good shopping! Celine was Saturday night, the show was sold out and as soon as they opened the curtains I started crying. It makes me laugh thinking about it now. I have wanted to see her in concert for so long and the energy and excitement of it all got to me. I looked at April and she was crying too, we were the perfect pair! The show was amazing and most of the songs she sang were from my favorite album. It was a trip I will never forget and thank you, thank you, thank you, Mom and Michael!

This was in LAX on our way home, check out the blond...Cameron Diaz. April went over and talked to her, I was too chicken, so I just paparazzied her!

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My girl started Kindergarten! We have done two days so far and all is well. She only goes half days and loves "short" days of school. I let her pick out her outfit and she thought Jasmine was appropriate for a special occasion

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Summer fun

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