Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Party Time

I love how the kids can turn any and everything into a party.  We were going to have some friends come over to watch the Lorax and Savvy went into full on party planning.  

She made cards for everyone.  Inside she drew a picture of her and wrote her name.  She does the same thing for our neighbors and puts it in their mailboxes.
They then made tickets with "L"'s on them and taped it on the wall.  Look at how the excitement in Cohen is being expressed through his hair.  He has fallen in love with hair gel

 We had a bee try to attack but the kids won the battle.  They then made a memorial... it says "ded bug"
                              Hands down the Lorax party was a success!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Like a Champ

I have been in such a "crafty" mood over the past 2 weeks.  It all started with a can of spray paint and then getting addicted to craigslist :)  I let the kids pick out the colors to paint our outside chairs.  These were my great-grandmothers!  I'm sure she would have never thought her patio furniture would be these colors, let alone in Washington.  Hope it makes her smile.
 Our dinning room table was my grandmothers (different one).  My SIL and I recovered the seats before Savvy was born.  The picture doesn't show but every chair had some kind of food stain on it.  I love red but wanted to do something different.  So yellow and blue it is
 I found this china hutch ( the kids sound so southern when they say "china hutch", I LOVE it) on craigslist for $40.  I loved painting it, the kids were in bed, I had pandora on in the backyard, the sun was setting.  It was wonderful, so much so I'm trying to find other things to paint
Then we set this up in the laundry room, school's about to start!!!  We found out Savannah's teacher last week and will meet her next week.

                                                          Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We had such a fun weekend but were so glad to get Michael back home.  Friday night the older kids and I didn't go to sleep until after 10, they got to sleep in our bed and talked and talked and talked.  At 10 I told them that they had to start talking in their head...lol. My heart and bed was full :)
Cohen lost his mind and woke up at 6:30 Saturday morning, so we decided to make monkey bread
We then went to the Y and I got a good hour of alone time :)  I was feeling so good we decided to WALK downtown and go to the farmers market.  We discovered yellow watermelon (tasted just like red watermelon) but was pretty

Then that night a sweet friend had us over for dinner.  I think the world could be changed with dinner invites.  And I think Caleb enjoyed dessert...notice we put him outside to eat
These are pictures from Michael's trip, he loved it and said it was beautiful.  They went to Ice Lake at Eagle Cap Wilderness

Friday, August 17, 2012

Up in here

Ahhhh, the day is almost over.  Today was a very good day, but it was hard, challenging and rewarding as most days are when your raising kids :)  When I was making dinner I was singing (in opera) "y'all gonna make me lose my mind up in here, up in here".  I promised Savvy and Cohen they could sleep with me tonight (Michael's backpacking) and we are all going to be in bed by 7:30.  I will have a book, glass of wine and snugglers, I'm pretty excited.

Here are some pictures of our week, Cohen wants to be a ninja so SO bad

 "Big" carrots are still his favorite snack.  I told him he will definitely have super hero sight

 I woke up today with a shiner.  I'm SO kidding.  Apparently I'm allergic to Pro-active.  This picture really makes me laugh.  I tried to wear my sunglasses all day, but there were times, like talking to the librarian in the dark library, when I had to take them off.  People really did try not to look at it...Ha.
                             Don't you love it when breakfast is this good
 Poor Savvy, Caleb was throwing things in the tub while she was showering.  Little brothers make me smile :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

That's a Bad One

I honestly don't get it.  My boys have YET to get even a decent hair cut.  I love their hair long but  I usually let it go longer than I would like because I dread, dread the haircut.  All the kids have a double crown so I know that makes it hard to cut.  But seriously look what Caleb ended up with. 
 That doesn't even make sense :)  Bless his sweet little mullet heart.  This is hands down the worst of the worst.  The back was even longer but I asked to cut it a little shorter before we left.
                                     If anyone can rock it he sure can

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Week

Our week started with a very sick little boy!  We stayed at home for 2 days and my busy little toddler turned into a cuddle bug.  I was the lucky one who got to hold him.
 The Dr. prescribed Motrin, milkshakes and mom :)  He didn't want a spoon, or to drink out of the straw but to use the straw as the spoon.  He was eating so I didn't interrupt
                I absolutely LOVE to see what Savannah picks out to wear each day
 Cohen has found a love for "science".  I'm still discovering what all falls under his definition of "science".  We got a plate of milk and put different food colors on it and  mixed it with liquid soap.  They liked it but it was over pretty fast, probably wont do it again  
Saturday we drove to tri-cities so Michael could get some new running shoes.  We had lunch

                   and Caleb was into the women's ribbon competition of the olympics
        Caleb and I took a wonderful Sunday nap today and woke up to car washing

                                                 Cohen got pruned out:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Savvy has been talking about getting her ears pierced for over a year and after dragging my feet I folded.  I was never against it, but I knew how much older she would look.  So alas we did it.  She was so excited and nervous and decided that "flower" should come with us.
 The lady who did it was a bit chatty and probably not the best for young girls.  Right before the piercing she looked at Savvy and asked "your not going to freak out on me are you?"  And boo-yeah negative ear piercing lady.  She rocked it, no tears just fish face:)
She said that they aren't sore and she has been twisting them when I clean it.  She picked out the butterfly December birth stone.  Teal is her favorite color:)  Her little ears look beautiful