Friday, March 26, 2010

6 hours later...

We received a call yesterday that Cohen was on his way to the emergency room. We think he fell and hit his head at school. There is conflicting information about him turning blue, loosing conciseness, etc, etc, etc. But when we got to the ER the Dr. decided to run all kinds of tests to make sure everything was okay, and baby boy is fine! He was such a trooper. They were going to use this horrible thing to restrain him for the CT scan, but he ended up laying there all by himself and doing better than adults do! He got a stuffed dog and purple popsicle out of it. This pic is right after we got home, what an exhausting but wonderful end to this day

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy Busy

What a crazy last month we have had. Michael and I ended up going camping in east Tennessee WITHOUT the kids and had the most wonderful time. We felt refreshed and renewed when we got back, we have to start spending more time together without the kids. We both missed them terribly but I don't know when the last time was that we got to just focus on each other, it was fabulous!

Then last Sunday I became an auntie again! Precious Maggie was born. The family is doing great and Patrick the big brother, is crazy about her.

Then Wednesday, St. Patricks Day, I drove up to Nashville because Jessica was getting induced. Easton was born that afternoon and everyone is doing fantastic. Jessica did the whole thing all natural...GO JESSICA! She did absolutely amazing.

And here is just a fun pic of the kids.....Cohen says peace out

Friday, March 5, 2010

Funny Friday

It's only 7:05 and I already have laughed so hard I've gotten a cramp.

6:00am Cohen is in his crib very softly saying "I want some apple butter, I want some apple butter" he says this a good 10 times, then there is silence. "momma you hear me?"

6:50am Savannah comes out of her room looks at me and says "my daddy says monkeys are mean" I said did he? "yes and that is not very nice"

Michael never remembers telling her monkeys are mean

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Read this this morning and it really moved me. I had to share

"Indict me, Righteous Judge, for I am truly guilty, yet In Your heart, I find plenteous mercy, and In Your blood, I receive pardon for all my iniquity." Lianna Nix


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Eggs No Ham

This week at the kids school they are "studying" the letter E. Savannah and Cohen were sent home with this.....How precious! Its a sugar cookie with a vanilla wafer! To make it better today is Dr. Seuss' birthday. They were eating them in the kitchen and I was reading them green eggs and ham and every time I read it I give the main character, not Sam-i-am but the other guy, Sean Connery's voice. If any one has ever heard me impersonate anything or anyone they know how horrible I am. While I was reading I got this horrible fear that someone was recording it and going to put it on youtube. But I stuck with it and Sean Connery finally tried the green eggs and ham!

I've been to three consignment sales and the last one I got my spider monkey these shoes. He loves to dance in them and watch them lite up while I sing the aerosmith version of spiderman

And FYI do NOT see Shutter Island. Leo was fantastic but it was one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. Not scary just crazy sad.
Everyone have a fantastic Tuesday!